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May 21 - Jun 20

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  • Waking up and opening your mind brightens your day considerably. Sometimes you don’t know how much you’ve been keeping in until you let it out. The breezy Aquarius Moon exhales a cooperative sextile and a sigh of relief with compassionate Jupiter. You might find it comforting and enlightening to discuss sticky issues with a friend today. He or she may present a contrasting perspective which challenges your assumptions, but you don’t have to agree to get along. Reviewing different options and solutions helps you clarify your own jumbled thoughts and return to center. Truth comes in a variety of packages.
  • You love making others laugh, and one of the perks of this passion is it keeps you in a lighthearted mood, too. It’s as if you’re teaching a remedial course on the value of humor while still keenly aware that life is no joke. The friendly Aquarius Moon’s sassy sextile with trickster Mercury brings out the best of your wit and playfulness today. However, your real intention is to motivate people to accomplish something serious you believe needs to happen. Be transparent about your cause, so everyone can bask in the good cheer without feeling manipulated. Thomas Mann wrote, “Laughter is a sunbeam of the soul.”
  • Your ambitious drive kicks into high gear today. Mighty Mars soars into your 10th House of Achievement and advancing your own goals becomes a top priority. However, you might feel touchier and moodier, possibly responding with a tad more ire than necessary. Instead of overreacting, use your emotional sensitivity to tune into how you can champion more for those needing your help. The best business practices often center around how you accurately identify problems and then use your brawn and brains to solve them. Shine your bright light where it can do the most good.
Weekly Love Horoscope

This will be a mixed-up week for you in love. On the one hand, if you're single, then you could absolutely meet someone who you feel a true connection with. Venus turns direct in your romance sector, giving you sublime energy to meet someone you have a fated soulmate connection with. If, however, you're already partnered up and committed, then you have a totally different forecast. Mercury will turn retrograde in your relationship sector. Nothing your partner says is making sense to you. Suddenly, your entire relationship is a ball of confusion. What should you do? Say nothing but listen to everything.