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May 21 - Jun 20

  • Element

  • quality

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  • Running House

  • A helping hand arrives to ease the tension between home and work. You keep pouring so much of yourself into fulfilling everyone’s expectations; however, you might be stretched so thin that you feel as though you could snap in two. Thankfully, this invaluable individual is willing to ground you and reorient you to what matters. Some serious support is there for the taking now, if only you ask. Their assistance will have lasting impact if you choose to accept it. Rumi wrote, “If you wish for light, be ready to receive light.”
  • You dance with such abandon that you might not realize it if you step on someone else’s foot. Never fear; they will let you know! This chance mistake could lead to an enriching moment of bonding between you. Face the boundary breach with curiosity and learn something new about your friend or your mate. Professionally, you continue to flourish in the spotlight. You may get some excellent insight from a coworker that makes you look good in the eyes of others. Follow the savvy advice and pay forward their kindness.
  • Your creative flow sweeps you away until someone you care about firmly reminds you of a forgotten agreement. You get whisked out of your own comfort zone into the realm of the interpersonal. The opportunity to vastly deepen your connection to another person lies before you. If you prefer not to go deeper, the dynamics of the relationship may be strained. The situation does not appear amenable to shades of gray. You must probe your heart and, ultimately, stay true to yourself.
Weekly Love Horoscope

A significant power play is likely this week between you and your partner. If your mate controls the finances, he or she is likely to pull rank on you and make a unilateral decision you find overbearing. It's possible that this will make you feel as if you're under the reign of your partner because he or she controls the purse strings. Alternatively, however, if you are both contributing to the household, then it's possible that you and your mate are in a position this week to benefit from a joint financial investment. You might go from feeling overpowered to realizing that together, you're a power couple!