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May 21 - Jun 20

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  • A thought has gripped you and won’t let go. You are currently in the process of discarding theories of the world that no longer match your experience of it. A flash of intuition coming from your subconscious promotes a more aggressive revision now. The tussle takes place inside your higher mind. The prickly feeling can be inventive and dynamic if you realize that this is a lifelong endeavor. Focus on refining what is true for you in this moment and all will be well.
  • You are everywhere all at once. You connect far-away spots with your immediate environment in your own unique way. Both flourish in your capacity to creatively weave them together. Your expansive joy in the execution of a daily routine fuels some high-flying ambitions. As you dive into this flurry of activity, your thoughts quicken, yet become more profound. Stay openminded and you may experience bolts out of the blue that take your musings to the next level.
  • Your ideal job is within grasp if you’re willing to commit precious resources in order to get it. Someone stands at the ready to make an offer to help, but you must weigh whether you want to be beholden to them as you pursue this passion. You may have alternatives in less impressive routes. Smaller investments from others could add up to a larger sum. Consider all your options. You are building a strong foundation no matter which avenue you choose.
Weekly Love Horoscope

Being ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and logic, you're quite sensitive to his movement. Whenever he shifts into a new sign and part of your chart, that arena of life tends to consume you mentally -- above any other subject matter. This week, on Friday, Mercury will move into your 5th House of Romance, Sex, Pleasure and Children, where he remains through October 9. Guess what's on your mind? Yep ... enjoy! Not only will you find yourself daydreaming about romantic pleasures more, you'll also find yourself talking to a potential love interest if single, or, if you're dating someone, discussing the direction of your relationship. It all looks so promising!