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Jul 23 - Aug 22

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  • Running House

  • Your laser focus is targeted on getting through a mass of work. As you forge ahead through the pile, you uncover some eye-opening data about your professional situation. You might also discover that someone close to you is upset -- maybe due to the intensity of your schedule. However, it’s possible that the surprise you find has nothing to do with you at all. In either case, remember that unconventional approaches sometimes spark ire before delight.
  • The good news is you can invest more into your career than just financial resources. Human capital also has an intangible side, and you are finding that your cognitive contributions are fueling the enterprise in lucrative ways. The feedback loop spirals around and supports you back. Happily, you are also sensing an improvement in the atmosphere at home. Ironically, a personal conflict creates a more pleasant environment. Clearing toxins feels good, like the glow after recovering from a bite into a hot pepper. Experience the relief.
  • Plants love the Sun, and they wither when they are deprived of it. Unfortunately, someone may be sufficiently agitated to take their annoyance out on you today. Thankfully, your radiance can comfort them and soothe their irritation. Helping your person bounce back and find a pathway for growth motivates you as well. Cultivate practical healing by communicating how much you value the ones you love. Your undivided devotion works wonders.
Weekly Love Horoscope

Your determination to climb the ladder of success professionally might take a toll on your love life this week. The stress you're going through with your newly-laid business plans is definitely at an all-time high. As a result, you might take out your frustration on your partner because you know if you start yelling at your boss it'll all be over. The problem is that your need to have someone as a verbal punching bag is completely misdirected energy -- and something your partner doesn't deserve. Spend extra time at the gym this week or do something else to get that anger out. Sex would be a perfect outlet -- as long as you're treating your partner right!