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Jul 23 - Aug 22

  • Element

  • quality

  • planet

  • Running House

  • You don’t have time for casual conversations today. However, if you suspect someone is taking advantage of your kindness, ask questions before lashing out. Scale back on social obligations and journey within instead of following another’s footsteps or begging for overdue respect. Reflect on all of your commitments and loyalties but don’t forget to also reevaluate what you receive in return. Love yourself the most so you never accept anything less than what you deserve from another.
  • You can tell a lot about your inner state by evaluating your environment. Consider what your personal space says about your self-worth. It’s tempting to throw caution to the wind and prioritize pleasure-seeking during the season of the Lion, but coming home to the same chaos every night can be exhausting. Make your outer world a match for your desired state of being by decluttering your closets, deep cleaning your bathroom or giving your living room walls a fresh coat of paint. Creating a calm sanctuary cultivates inner peace.
  • Expressing yourself genuinely brings deep satisfaction. You’re a pro at public speaking today, especially when talking about a subject you love. Your fiery charisma and sexy confidence convince others to want whatever it is you're selling. All manners of beautification add joy to your life now, whether it’s decorating your home, revamping your personal style, or creating an art project with kids. Lean on your family and support anyone in need. Share your likes and dislikes freely and allow others to do the same. The twinkle in your eye reflects the light in your heart.
Weekly Love Horoscope

Since you and your partner might feel as if you can't move forward together in the exact way you'd like to, you might take a break from focusing on your relationship this week. Instead, find a joint project that takes your mind off any of the tension. This will most likely involve a family member. It's true that by focusing on someone else's troubles, you can take yourself outside of yourself and ultimately gain perspective about what's truly important. This week, by doing this for a relative, you and your partner might be reminded that whatever you're going through isn't so bad after all.