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Sept 23 - Oct 22

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  • Running House

  • A relationship suddenly escalates today. You normally prefer to keep things light and friendly. You are like a social butterfly that enjoys having a whole garden of flowers adore you as you come and go wherever you please. Nevertheless, a certain person has chosen you now and lures you into a deepening encounter. You marvel at the depths. Passion rides high, perhaps too high, and it could turn sour. The freedom to flit everywhere consolidates itself and you’re suddenly involved in a more serious entanglement. Try it on for size, but only keep what fits.
  • Ironically, the more you have a good time, the more you see your bottom line expand. People are attracted to your boundless joy, and you are exuding it with zeal. Your imagination is ablaze. However, stay cautious about accepting any loans that you are not willing to pay off later. Your excitement might lead you into agreements that turn out to not work in your favor. On the other hand, they may be genius risks. Follow your impulse to innovate and you will not be disappointed.
  • Make the mundane otherworldly. You possess the grit to toss routine out the window and forge a daily life filled with wonder and magic. Luckily, your personal network supports this wild streak. The energy may come back at you in the form of extra sweetness in your wallet. The universe is your playground now. Be careful not to start any squabbles over who rides the swing next. In a world of abundance, everyone gets a turn.
Weekly Love Horoscope

You might get yourself into some trouble this week. Your sex drive is at an all-time high and if you haven't been getting your physical needs met, it's possible that you'll feel like you're ready to explode. If you have no partner this might feel like an impossible time for you -- and you'll need to find an alternate outlet. Do whatever you can to exhaust your body through vigorous exercise so that all of this pent-up frustration doesn't turn into anger. If you do have a partner, be careful: rough sex is a definite possibility. While fun, it can also be carried too far. Temper yourself.