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Sept 23 - Oct 22

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  • Running House

  • You feel freer to be yourself than you have in a while, allowing you to follow your bliss. You can thank the airy energy of the Aquarius Moon for this cosmic gift today. However, it might take you time to figure out what to do with your freedom as you’re inclined to try a little of everything. Unfortunately, your experimental phase could quickly become overwhelming. The best strategy is to focus on what could prove to be a sustainable pleasure over time. Instead of superficially dabbling in many pursuits, explore one with passionate intent.
  • Face it, you’re likely the best person to bring order to a chaotic situation today. The amicable Aquarius Moon and chatty Mercury in Sagittarius are on tap to bolster your confidence in your ability to build a consensus. Although you can begin by listening to the opinions of everyone involved, people are also receptive to hearing your thoughts and suggestions. You don’t have to commit to resolving everything immediately. But identifying all the parts of the problem and acknowledging the many points of view will get the peace process rolling.
  • Finding your rhythm may pose a challenge, especially if you’re vacillating between feeling energetic and drained now. You want to do everything, then nothing at all. Somehow, you remain consistently optimistic in your thinking. Although you might be tempted to go shopping as a form of retail therapy, the Moon's square to the Sun in your 2nd House of Finances warns otherwise. Conserve your resources and your energy will adjust its own level as you allow yourself to mellow into the day, like steeping flavorful tea. Counting your blessings reignites your gratitude.
Weekly Love Horoscope

You're finally coming back into your beautiful, confident self. Venus, your ruling planet, turns direct in your sign this Friday. It's a monumental shift that you will absolutely feel. It's like you're suddenly able to shed the dead skin that has been covering up your gorgeous new shine. You have done some major internal work recently about your self-worth, as well as what you are giving and receiving in return when it comes to a significant relationship. Through honest and sometimes painful examination, you might have realized you are not getting what you deserve. Now it's time to make this right. You will.