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Sept 23 - Oct 22

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  • Running House

  • Something has been lost or a wrong has been done. However, the blame game is childish and unproductive no matter how tempting it may be to justify your position. Everyone makes mistakes and yours can be rectified in an instant if you are willing to apologize now. Make amends as best you can and reach out to anyone with whom you may not feel resolution is complete. Instead of dwelling in the realm of regret, face the reality of this moment. Overcome your fears and take powerful action to make things right.
  • Hold off on spilling the beans about your future plans today. It’s easy to trick your brain into thinking you’ve done something when you’ve only spoken about it, especially when you send it over your social media and get others hyped up about your ideas. Use the current cosmic energy to buckle down and focus on bringing your masterpiece to life. Proudly sharing your process and your creation at the same time gives you a deeper sense of accomplishment. Experience breeds respect.
  • Make a point to speak your mind with honesty and detachment today. Stop taking things so personally and consider that all points of view might be correct. Shine a light on any form of darkness through artistic expression and devotion to your own pleasure. There’s no need to pressure others or chase a particular outcome now, especially when magnetizing abundance happens without force. Make generous assumptions at all turns, and the same kindness will be extended to you.
Weekly Love Horoscope

You will have a real sit-down with your soul this week, Libra. And guess what? It's long overdue. It seems as if you are truly in need of some self-reflection and brutal honesty when it comes to how much you're giving in proportion to how much you're receiving in a relationship. More than likely, you're being the endless giver and now you recognize that this is not a way to achieve balance and harmony in love. When you give as much as you have been, your partner learns to take you for granted. However, when you temper your generosity with an expectation of reciprocation, you're laying down a healthy boundary that fosters true relating. And that, dear Libra, is and always has been your ultimate goal.