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Sept 23 - Oct 22

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  • Running House

  • Although you are known to be a social butterfly, your attention is likely to shift toward one-on-one relationships now. But this modification of your interest is not necessarily about one individual; it’s about your separate interactions with a number of different people in personal, business and organizational settings. Much to your chagrin, others may seem particularly pushy now as the Sun, Mercury and Venus all race through headstrong Aries in your 7th House of Partnerships. Sir Richard Branson said, “When people work toward a common goal, they are driven, passionate and purposeful.”
  • You can’t participate in everyone else’s plans today or there won’t be any room left for your dreams. It’s difficult to say no when a friend approaches you with a wonderful opportunity, and even harder if they are overly insistent. However, turning down a gracious offer is your best move now because it enables you to pursue your own search for success. Don’t waste time lamenting over what you might have missed. Helen Keller said, “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; for often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.”
  • You might think you’re on a revolving merry-go-round as you replay every conversation you’ve had with a close friend or partner in the past few weeks. You’re unsuccessfully searching for clues as to why there is so much distance between you now while communicator Mercury retrogrades through your 7th House of Companions. Instead of imagining the problem will just go away on its own accord, jump in and confront the awkwardness of the situation today. But don’t expect immediate results; allow time for the new momentum to build. Being honest inspires others to do the same.
Weekly Love Horoscope

Take a deep breath and resign yourself to the fact that for the next few weeks, you and your partner might be navigating murky waters when it comes to communication. On Thursday Mercury will turn retrograde in your relationship sector, and remains out of phase through April 15. The good news is that this will be a time to consider going back to an old argument or decision you had to make together and try sorting it out again. This time, you might be able to compromise. On the flip side, however, you might not want to push new decisions. That could be frustrating.