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Feb 19 - Mar 20

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  • Running House

  • You may feel more like a caterpillar than a social butterfly this morning and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Claim private time to meditate or just to run through your own thoughts and feelings. As time passes, it’s easier to share your insights and reflections. Your mind grows more receptive to communication as the day unfolds. A square between the swift Moon and rebellious Uranus triggers an emotionally charged conversation with someone who has a perspective that’s drastically different from yours. Fortunately, one of you might come to a startling discovery if minds and hearts are willing to be changed.
  • Active reflection and intentional daydreaming about your career will prove more fruitful than you could ever guess now. Many folks land up stuck somewhere because they didn’t take the time to imagine other possibilities. Thankfully, your intuitive talents enable you to see things others can’t. You don’t necessarily have to figure out all the details today, but you might discover some of your aims and ambitions no longer inspire you in the same way. Laying more groundwork in your imagination enables you to achieve the aspirations of your heart.
  • The time for dreaming is over and you’re ready for action. You’re eager to lead the pack when take-charge Mars storms into your 1st House of Identity. However, you could be in too much of a hurry to make things happen overnight. Think like a ninja, fulfilling your dreams by practicing stealth, patience, and determination. Others will marvel at how much you achieve while making it all look effortless. Sometimes, magic is invisible to the untrained eye.
Weekly Love Horoscope

Finances between you and your partner are about to become stronger. There might have been a serious issue the two of you needed to navigate together over the last several weeks. One of you might have even made a terrible financial mistake, which the both of you now have to pay for. Whatever the details, you will come out of it -- and the best part is that neither one of you wants to stay stuck in a situation of guilt and resentment. There has been learning and growth from this experience on both sides. It's time to move forward.