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Feb 19 - Mar 20

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  • Running House

  • Your exacting concentration on your network of acquaintances unearths a figure who fronts as an ardent supporter, yet isn’t one at all. It can be painful to realize that someone is not honest, but it is better to know the truth and deal with it than to let it fester out of sight. Confrontation may be the last thing you want to occur today, but once you handle the situation, you will feel much less upset. Be thankful for the acquaintance who blurted and alerted you to this news. True friends can take on unusual forms now.
  • If you’re lucky, you can slip into a lovely day of musing, wandering around in your vast world of thought. Conversations with others stimulate original ideas that could carry over into artistic expressions. Make sure you treasure these gems as they crystallize in your discussions. Don't forget to track your dreams. Important messages are coming through from both conscious and unconscious realms. Catch them like butterflies in a net.
  • Everything seems to happen in conversation today. You can spend as much time talking to yourself as you like, but something incredible is likely to occur when you run your ideas past someone else. Share your visions with those around you and see if they can offer any tangible input. No one exists in a vacuum. Remaining open to the feedback enables you to take a good inspiration and make it better.
Weekly Love Horoscope

Your assertive drive is still undercover, so if there is someone who sparks your interest this week you might feel extra frustrated. No matter how many signals you send, it seems as if they're just evaporating into the ethers and your person of interest isn't noticing them. Be patient -- this person might be worth the wait. If you're in a relationship this week, you and your partner might have a significant financial decision to make together. Carefully weigh your options as a team.