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Feb 19 - Mar 20

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  • Running House

  • Following a detailed agenda today is your secret to sanity. No matter what reality tosses at you, you can take it in stride because everything seems to fit into your schedule. But don’t overdo your adherence to the clock. The peace of mind you derive from being able to count on a secure structure is comforting. But the wisdom of knowing when to let go of a preconceived plan and adapt to the present moment is priceless. Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape.
  • You possess all the tools and skills you need to put yourself on the map of prosperity now. However, you might share your current strategy with others, only to realize your plan needs more work. You want to demonstrate your ability to turn your ideas into money, but you continue to meet more challenges than successes as Mercury backpedals through your 2nd House of Income. Your persistence proves your worth. Winston Churchill said, “Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our true potential.”
  • You are quite innovative when it comes to dealing with complex financial issues today. A serious investment in an ongoing project can be the right choice if it has the potential to change how you earn your income. Promoting a business or expanding an existing one makes more sense than spending recklessly for your own pleasure. There’s no room for sloppy thinking now. Thankfully, your innate capacity to appreciate the current blessings in your life enables you to find happiness, regardless of the external demands being placed on you.
Weekly Love Horoscope

You might have to address a situation where you've shown financial indiscretion and come clean to your mate about it. This doesn't have to be anything too terrible, but the more you go out of your way to hide it, the more it will erode your relationship once your partner finds out. Oh, make no mistake about it, Pisces -- your partner will find out. It's better to discuss this situation openly. Whether you blew a ridiculous amount of money on a designer handbag, lost a bundle at the casino, or gave a wad of cash to a friend in need, if your money is tied up with your partner then he or she does have a right to know.