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Feb 19 - Mar 20

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  • Running House

  • You dream of being at the top of your professional game now, but you don’t necessarily want to climb all of the necessary steps to get there. You’re perfectly capable of achieving wonderful accomplishments on your own, but it’s nice to know that others are standing by ready to assist. Unfortunately, it’s not in your best interest to adopt a cavalier approach to your career trajectory just because the know-it-all Sagittarius Moon has set up shop in your 10th House of Status. Zig Ziglar said, “There is no elevator to success; you must take the stairs.”
  • You cannot intellectually rationalize your religious beliefs because they exist outside of the realm of logic. You wish you could find a way to balance what’s in your heart with what’s in your head now. To make matters worse, your current spiritual inclinations may not be fully accepted by your church or community. Paradoxically, the divergent perspectives don’t clash as much as you think. Author Matshona Dhliwayo wrote, “Love is your religion; the whole world is your temple.”
  • Your most valuable resource is not something that you own. Your most priceless treasures are the people who support your dreams. Although receiving a financial gift is possible today, it’s likely that an inheritance is more metaphysical than physical. The skills of your allies are more important to you now than money in the bank. Entering a new business relationship can be a catalyst for your personal development. Teamwork makes the dream work.
Weekly Love Horoscope

Watch out! This week your partner will have more fire behind his or her words, and if you're not careful, you're sure to get burned. Mercury and Mars will collide in your relationship sector on Saturday, making your love passionate about communication but also short-tempered -- and possibly nasty. If you end up arguing about anything, he or she might criticize you with acidic words until you shrink into oblivion. Not cool. If you're single, this might not be your most exciting time for romantic potential. If you're hearing couples all around you bickering however, you might be happier flying solo. For now, that is.