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Nov 22 - Dec 21

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  • Running House

  • You wish you were ruminating on the lighter side of romance, but your thoughts keep finding their way back to more serious issues. Naturally, the idea of spontaneous fun brings a smile to your face. The cosmos reminds you to be here now, giving you permission to thoroughly enjoy the present moment. However, an impulsive expression of unrestrained passion isn’t the smartest tactic today. Your perspective may be uncharacteristically warped by fear or jealousy so it’s best to underplay your hand for a while. Worry less; love more.
  • Maintaining your optimism is not an easy task today because there is a lot weighing on your mind. You are caught in a conflict between playfully pursuing pleasure and responsibly fulfilling promises. Although escaping from your commitments may be tempting, you know you won’t be able to enjoy yourself if you are letting others down. Thankfully, you could end up smiling anyhow as you channel your excess energy into your chores. Maturity comes with experience, not with age.
  • Managing your indulgences could be tricky today, since it’s nearly impossible to see where enough becomes too much. Establishing limits is helpful, but you must be committed to sticking with the decisions you make. The problem is the line between acceptable and unacceptable is more difficult to discern the closer you get to it. Heeding the advice of someone you trust can help you sharpen your judgment. Hippocrates wrote, “Everything in excess is opposed by nature.”
Weekly Love Horoscope

Your love life is about to get interesting ... and confusing. This Tuesday Mercury will turn retrograde right in your romance sector, and will remain in hibernation mode through April 15. This will present several situations for you to sort out connected to your thought patterns around love. You might reconsider whether or not a current relationship is working for you any longer -- especially if this person is not entirely meeting your needs or seeing you for who you are. Another possibility is that you'll reconcile with an ex or entertain the possibility of doing so. No one is telling you to figure it all out at once, so don't feel as if you have to. The only urgency is the one you're creating yourself. Marinate in your thoughts ... don't act just yet.