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Nov 22 - Dec 21

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  • Running House

  • Relentless social gatherings swirl around you. Your neighbors appear more active than ever, with some of them moving and others moving away. You can hardly keep track of these shifting sands. Upsets follow you into work, which may even destabilize you enough to cause a minor accident. Stay vigilant while this eddy whirlwinds around you. Keep your focus on what you value, and let the maelstrom pass you by without incident.
  • Quarrels can be quite generative, especially for your imagination today. Any good plot contains a crucial conflict; without tension, there actually is no story to speak of. Pay heed to these skirmishes and see how you can tweak them into narrative form. In your daily life, some quirky new addition to the routine is proving to have an ingenious effect on your public persona. Exercising your eccentricity keeps things compelling.
  • Sometimes a brainstorm is more storm than brain. A provocative idea gets under your skin like a splinter. Rather than pushing it too far today, redirect your attention to infusing your home with inspirational decor. However, you don’t need to rush out and buy new things. You can simply rearrange what you already have to create a fresh environment. To you, perfect may mean a home dressed up as a private escape pod. Give your limitless ingenuity physical expression and see what happens.
Weekly Love Horoscope

You might find out that your lover has a health issue to deal with. If this happens you'll be shocked and instantly panicked, and likely to assume the very worst. Take a few deep breaths, Sagittarius -- this isn't as dire as you think and it's likely that your anxiety will get the best of you. Alternatively, it could be that your current romantic situation is so chaotic that it is getting you physically ill this week. Sometimes love really can be a pain. Take care of you!