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Oct 23 - Nov 21

  • Element

  • quality

  • planet

  • Running House

  • Your sense of self can go from one extreme to another today. One moment, you know how irreplaceable you are and what skills you bring to the table. But just a short time later, you may be caught up in a whirlpool of self-doubt that has you questioning your competence. Although you can’t do everything all at once, your ability to stick to a job until it’s done makes you a valuable player on any team. Louis Pasteur said, “Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity.”
  • Magic lurks in the shadows, attracting you toward the darkness. But your enchantment is ripe with positive potential as there’s nothing sinister to be found today. The truth is, you can effectively manage your earthly affairs if you remember to stay grounded while doing your work. In your haste to remain practical now, don’t forget to cultivate your connection to the spiritual world. Heraclitus wrote, “The hidden harmony is better than the obvious.”
  • It may feel as if you are riding a seesaw, balancing the unpredictable daily demands of work with meaningful spiritual development. It’s easy to slip into a magical space of contemplation today, only to be rudely thrust back into the mundane world where others wait for you to finish a task. Although these two realms seem so separate, it’s your job now to combine them through some form of enlightened self-expression. Author William Plomer wrote, “Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.”
Weekly Love Horoscope

You and your partner have all the makings of power couple. Although this isn't necessarily about sleeping your way to the top, there is definitely an element of your lover helping you get ahead now. He or she appears to know exactly the right VIP to introduce you to in order to help you market your talents and nab a significant opportunity. The best part about this is that your mate truly feels as if he or she is better off because you are in their world. Lifting each other up is the best part about being in love. This week, you'll see it for yourself.