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Oct 23 - Nov 21

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  • Running House

  • Take a close look at the nuts and bolts of your hopes. Transforming any idea into tangible results incurs costs, whether your own labor or actual building materials. As you assess the price of success, you witness a tandem rise of your income and your expenditures. The net outcome suggests that you might not have extra savings left over; however, you will see your dream start to come to life, which is priceless. The biggest mistake you could ever make is being too afraid to make one.
  • A crafty excursion provides you with enjoyment and inspiration. When you create, you tap into the primal forces of the universe. The elements make up everything around you -- technology, infrastructure, clothing, art, you name it. Mastering the materials and how they work allows you access to what makes this world tick. Experimenting with the resources on hand leads to innovations that bring you avenues for prosperity. Get your hands dirty if you want to see results.
  • Everything runs an alternate course today. If you have a regularly scheduled plan, prepare to live out a different version. Anything you try to accomplish as per usual will get flipped on its head. Rather than lament the loss of your sense of normalcy, take note of what this new perspective on getting things done offers you. A brilliant route to efficiency may open up and can even become your new normal. Author Henry Miller said, “Our destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”
Weekly Love Horoscope

A serious conversation or decision about love will leave you knowing exactly where you stand with your partner. Most likely this is a good position since Venus, Saturn, and Pluto (your ruler) will all link up in your message sector in sober Capricorn. You've got your mind on long-term plans with your mate and serious matters. You're also willing to roll up your sleeves and do whatever work is required to make sure your relationship lasts. And you'll express this specifically to your mate.