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Oct 23 - Nov 21

  • Element

  • quality

  • planet

  • Running House

  • A choice must be made between two possibilities. There’s a deep pull to shake up your status quo, and a blinding opposition between your social desires and your romantic fantasies. The current alternatives represent the spiritual and the worldly, appealing equally to your emotions and intellect. Avoid impulsive actions and choose with wisdom and intuition. The good news is there might just be a way to integrate the options for a full-spectrum experience. The truth is following your heart is the only way to live without regret.
  • Decide if you want to be dominant or receptive -- yang or yin today. Everyone possesses both polarities within; it’s just a matter of which energy is necessary depending on the circumstances. The current planetary mix encourages a more inward focus and reflective dynamic in your work environment. Be wary of collaborating with dishonest people or believing someone else’s distorted paradigm. If you find yourself in flux about whether to be more active or passive, stand in your power by following your intuition.
  • Creature comforts cultivate contentment. Your finances and security are in the spotlight, but once your budget is balanced, feel free to spoil yourself now. A splurge doesn’t have to be dramatic, even a simple treat can please your heart. Social and professional networking keeps you busy as today’s auspicious planetary alignments may provide career advancement or other lucrative opportunities. Your finesse is unstoppable when you feel this good.
Weekly Love Horoscope

Your friends are instrumental this week in your happiness, possibly even connected to your romantic happiness. If single, a friend might introduce you to someone who turns your world around. This might be one of your friend's colleagues, so if your pal invites you to one of their office parties or networking events, be sure to accept the invitation. If you're in a relationship, your friend might express admiration for how much you and your partner have been willing to truly work on your relationship in order to make it as strong as possible. When it comes to matters of the heart, you inspire your friends.