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Oct 23 - Nov 21

  • Element

  • quality

  • planet

  • Running House

  • Your desire for security and comfort spikes today, compelling you to seek out familiar places and people or to simply stay snuggled under the covers in bed. Sometimes such a need arises when something or someone shocks you out of your comfort zone. Thankfully, there’s no reason to harbor negativity when your feelings are part of a larger cycle and your rest is well earned. While you rush to your respite today, remember you are able to keep the future and your growth at bay for only so long. You can relax, repair and prepare, but you can’t hide from your destiny forever.
  • You’re inspired to increase your net worth and value now. Your first impulse might be to shift around your assets or to call your financial planner to discuss your future. But perhaps the Moon’s cordial sextile with clever Mercury offers a cosmic suggestion. Climbing higher in the world is much easier when you soak up more comfort and security at home. If your personal space isn’t cozy enough, think about low-key changes, like rearranging your furniture or adding new art to the walls. Turn your pad into a launch pad for success.
  • Your confidence is high today, and your creativity is at a peak. Nevertheless, you’re not inclined to put your skills to work for an employer when you could enhance your domestic life, instead. However, you may be away from home for most of the day, so do whatever you can to improve your surroundings wherever you go. Sprucing up your immediate environment gives you the productive edge you seek. Your talents need a comfortable place in which to sparkle.
Weekly Love Horoscope

If you've been all up in your head over a complicated love life dilemma, then you'll be glad to know that this week you'll finally get some clarity over your "situationship." In fact, you might be ready to set yourself free from the self-imposed prison of love you've found yourself in lately. You will finally know if you have been waiting for something that is just not meant to be. If so, you will let it go. However, if the reverse is true and your long-lost lover realizes that you are truly meant to be, then he or she will make it very clear to you now. One way or another, you'll have your answer. That's the power of Venus turning direct.