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Apr 20 - May 20

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  • Running House

  • The people closest to you are the easiest targets. The ones who know you best might also be the ones who trigger your emotions the fastest. Most of the time, dissatisfaction with another person is but a projection of your own inner imbalances. Depend upon your own strong foundation and genuine wholeness so you can show up in partnership with something beautiful to offer. Let go of the habit to cling too tightly to people or possessions. Cultivate an inviting place of expansive love and freedom where hearts can meet on common ground.
  • Taking care of your partner may do more good for you now than them. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest melodrama, so stay cool and speak peacefully when it’s your turn to talk. Honestly, tension in your committed relationships often reflects your own inner frustration. This pain may not have anything to do with your loved one but can be a leftover story from your childhood playing out today. Give what you feel you’re not receiving. If something is amiss, take a moment to think about who you aren’t forgiving. The answer may surprise you when your own name is on the list.
  • Intimate relationships glisten with the spirit of abundance. All connections are activated: your carefree romances, serious engagements, familial ties and your lawful liaisons. Channel your inner child, embrace the youth in your life, and make time for joy. Give the gift of freedom without expectation in all your partnerships. Make the unconscious conscious again and restore any family discord through praise and compassion. Keep your emphasis on gratitude and watch your world expand.
Weekly Love Horoscope

Love and joy continue to be yours this week, Taurus. Venus is now in your romance sector and will be at a dazzling angle to expansive Jupiter, now in your 7th House of Commitment, this week. If you recently started to date someone, it's possible that you'll decide to make things more official this week. Deleting your dating profile or hook-up apps on your phone is likely. If you're in a relationship already, it's possible that you and your sweetheart will decide to try for a baby. Fertility is high!