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Apr 20 - May 20

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  • You want to demonstrate your willingness to explore your feelings with someone special, but caution keeps the lid on your desires today. You can imagine the wonderful rewards that await you if you take a calculated risk and open your heart. However, you’re afraid of starting something you cannot finish. Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter said, “You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.”
  • You’re ambivalent about your tasks at work today, but it may not matter because you can count on reality to determine your direction. However, you might be unwilling to tuck away your dreams in the back of a closet now. Nevertheless, there isn’t time in the day to handle your responsibilities and pursue your personal ambitions. Thankfully, the game isn’t over; unexpected opportunities to turn a passion project into a fulltime gig are just around the corner.
  • Opportunities at work seem to pop up out of nowhere now, offering previously unexplored avenues to success. Although you can immediately see the potential, you’re hesitant to pursue it until you have all the information you need. Don’t be distracted by someone’s enthusiastic analysis. You have every right to demand specific data before you commit to further involvement. Grandiose dreams are wonderful if they are supported by numbers and facts.
Weekly Love Horoscope

Nothing delights you more than the comforts in life and sharing them with someone special. You've got incredible potential this week to move forward with your mate in creating the ultimate dream home. If you've recently started living together, you'll find that the adjustment period has been seamless. How did you ever live apart? If you're a single Taurus, there's no shortage of sexy potential in your world these days either, but honestly, you need to get over yourself first. Overcome that fear of connecting with that special someone around you and take the leap. A conversation with this person on Saturday might lead to something incredible.