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Apr 20 - May 20

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  • Running House

  • You wish you could go into hiding today, but you don’t want to be alone. You have something important to say to the world, but you’re not ready for the backlash from those who don’t agree with you. You may even worry that you’ll slip in someone’s presence and let your feelings be known. Instead of putting yourself in a position where you might need to defend your emotions, it seems easier to remain unavailable to others now. Nevertheless, you could be quite pleased with the feedback you receive if you open the door to your heart. Embrace the unknown and let life surprise you in delightful ways.
  • Expressing your anger in a healthy manner can be a daunting task for you peace-loving Bulls. Unfortunately, sometimes suppressed emotions are just as destructive as the ones you share. A simple unspoken truth could turn into a psychological storm that becomes the central focus of your inner world today. Instead of waiting for the lightning to strike, preemptively discuss your feelings with someone you trust. Dr. Paul Tournier wrote, “Nothing makes us so lonely as our secrets.”
  • Your emotions are changing rather quickly today, making it difficult to share them with anyone else. Although you normally prefer to be transparent with those around you, you’re more likely to turn your thoughts inward now that the Sun is visiting your 12th House of Privacy. Others may think you’re being stoic, but you’re actually just in a contemplative mood. You are eager to talk about your process as soon as the current instability settles and you’re feeling more grounded. Rumi wrote, “The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore.”
Weekly Love Horoscope

You've got a moral dilemma this week when it comes to your love life. There might be secrets you're keeping from your partner ... secrets that could destroy what is otherwise something beautiful between the two of you. Perhaps you've found yourself tangled up in a clandestine affair with someone else. It might not even be physical, but the emotional attachment is there. Or, it's possible that you'll discover your partner is keeping secrets from you. Whatever this is, it won't feel good and it might literally chip away at your self-esteem. Address it head on, before it chips away at your self-respect.