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Aug 23 - Sept 22

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  • quality

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  • Running House

  • Your brainstorms unleash a brand-new set of postulations into the world. This revolutionary impulse triggers those around you today. Your peers work hard, sometimes believing they work harder than you -- as if that is really possible. Their envy of your quick wit is real and should be taken seriously now. Following an unorthodox approach enlivens you like nothing else. Although you must be mindful of your impact on others, pursue the joy of creative innovation.
  • The joy of discovery shifts into documenting your research in a manner that is digestible by others. Informing your community about your recent work is an important facet of getting your ideas accepted now. Your capacity to articulate your latest findings starts to take shape in unorthodox ways. You are on the cutting edge of creating a new future. You, more than anyone else, know that the big work takes very small, consistent steps. Be the kind of leader you would follow.
  • Some people are too good to be true. You may be showered with unconditional love, or it could be a pipe dream. No one ever likes their heart being toyed with. Express your feelings and see how others react. Your message is crystal clear, so trust your intuition if you receive any resistance. You have your answer if you sense total purity of intent. Create a concrete manifestation of the divine in your midst. Take the risk to reveal your true self.
Weekly Love Horoscope

Your energy seems to be focused on work (what else is new?), but this week you might have a frustrating work-related training course to take or mandatory meetings or a conference that will eat up a great deal of your time. If you're partnered, it'll feel like you're two ships passing in the night. Hey, it's only one week. You can't expect heart-pounding excitement all the time. If, however, you're single and on a business trip this week, there is a chance you and someone work-related will hook up at the hotel. A one-night stand is a definite possibility.