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Aug 23 - Sept 22

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  • Running House

  • It’s tricky to convert moments of inspiration into a routine. Perhaps you only want the spark of recent insights to keep you on track rather than adhering to a tedious schedule. Yet, your consistency at work enables you to make steady progress while still allowing room for creativity. Showing up every day and attending to the tasks at hand make it possible for your muse to find you. Author Octavia Butler wrote, “Habit is persistence in practice.”
  • Enlivening the decor in your home and office spaces might consume more of your mental bandwidth today. Thankfully, you appreciate the energy that comes from simple changes, like adding a pop of color here or there. The challenging part is figuring out when to stop because it always seems like there’s just one more thing you want to tweak. Envisioning even bigger renovations is tempting at every turn. Yet, at some point, you must get some work done. Boost your productivity by setting reasonable limits on your distractions.
  • You might need to clear the air with a person in your intimate circle. But you aren't completely comfortable engaging in a direct confrontation, even though your awkward interactions have likely been brewing for a while. Nevertheless, honesty is the best policy. Otherwise, you both can become embroiled in passive-aggressive behavior that doesn’t benefit anyone. Unfortunately, the unresolved dynamics may distract you from improving other dimensions of your life. At least, putting your feelings out in the open allows you to move on.
Weekly Love Horoscope

Your relationship is about to enjoy a sexy boost. Mars, the planet of assertive drive, will move into your partnership sector on Thursday and remains here through December 31. You and your partner will indulge each other's sexual fantasies in a way that holds no judgment, only love. You will feel safe in each other's arms and will both enjoy spicing up your bedroom time together by role-playing or sharing your deepest desires. Mars in this part of your chart might also bring up some conflict, but you'll both want to quickly cast it aside if it does. You've got better things to do together!