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Treatments for a Fussy Baby


While in the womb, babies experience constant motion. Every time mother moves, the baby is being gently swayed and rocked. Even when the mother sleeps, her body still moves, and so does the baby. Swaying, rocking, bouncing and jiggling are movements that can help calm your baby. You may choose to use a bouncy chair or a mechanical swing to create movement, or you may rock or swing the baby gently in your arms. Wearing your baby in a sling or an infant carrier as you walk and go about your daily business in an excellent way to relax your baby because it closely resembles the movement felt while in the womb. A ride in a carriage or in a car can also help.

Physical Contact

Most babies love to be held close. Parents may find that their baby is happy unless they put him down. Babies feel safe when being held, which fulfills one of their basic needs, security. The baby is used to being curled up tightly in the womb, and recreating this sensation is soothing. Try swaddling your baby tightly in a light blanket. You will be surprised at the calming effect a tight swaddle can have. You can also recreate the security of the womb and calm your baby by holding him close and providing skin-to-skin contact. Put a warm blanket over both of you, but strip the baby down to a diaper and take your shirt off to provide ultimate comfort. You can also wear your baby in a sling, wrap or a soft-structured carrier, depending on your preference.

Infant Massage

Infant massage can give your baby security through human touch and also relieve pain caused from gas and colic. Babies need touch in order to grow and develop. In a warm room, lay your baby on a soft blanket and massage your baby gently. Use a lightly scented oil, such as lavender oil, if you'd like.

Visual Stimulation

Sometime even young babies get bored. Visual stimulation is a good way to build babies brain development and to calm a fussy baby. Try walking around the house and pointing out familiar faces in photos. Name everyday objects for your baby. Shake a bright colored toy for your baby. Bright colored flashcards may interest your baby if you hold them up and name the object on the card. Even taking your baby outside may provide different scenery and calm your baby.

Soothing Sounds

A quiet room may be deafening to a new baby. Your baby is used to hearing the noise of your body from inside your womb. The whir of the vacuum cleaner, the hum of the washer and dryer, or any type of white noise that is steady and continuous can calm your baby. There are CDs and even stuffed animals that mimic the heartbeat, ocean noises and rainfall.

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