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How to Plan a Road Trip With a Baby

Planning a Trip

Step 1

Make sure your baby's car seat is properly installed in the backseat, and place sun shades on the side windows of your car. Window shades with suction cups may slide or fall off of the window. The BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board recommends peel-and-stick shades, which are available at discount stores.

Step 2

Find a spot in your vehicle to store toys. Choose a place that you will be able to reach easily in case your baby gets fussy and needs to be given a toy.

Step 3

Store blankets and water in your vehicle in case of an emergency.

Step 4

Take all necessary feeding supplies. If you bottle feed your baby, bring enough infant formula and bottles for the trip, and pack enough for a couple of extra feedings in case you encounter car trouble or another emergency situation. Unless you plan to buy more formula when you reach your destination, take enough to feed your baby until you return home. If you will not be using ready-to-feed formula, remember to bring water to mix with the powdered variety.

Step 5

Make a checklist to help you remember to pack other important baby items that you will need on the road and once you reach your destination. Include diapers, wipes, a trash bag for diapers, medications, bath products, extra clothes, sunscreen, a first-aid kit and any other products you might need while you are gone. Mentally run through your day and think of all the items you use to care for your baby, and add them to the list.

Step 6

Make sure you bring any baby gear that you will need once you get to your destination. Pack a portable crib or play yard if necessary, a stroller and any other items that your baby may need while you are away from home.

Step 7

Find out where rest stops are located before you leave. Plan to stop frequently to let your baby get out of the car seat and stretch out, and know where you can stop for feedings.

Step 8

Plan to leave early. You may have to make unplanned stops to soothe, feed or change your baby. Allowing plenty of time to reach your destination will make the trip less stressful for everyone.

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