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Baby Changing Table Supplies

Comfort and Protection

Use a changing pad and cover, or just a simple lap pad, for the baby’s comfort and to protect the area from any unexpected surprises. Although you can wipe some pads clean, launder them often. Keep a couple of clean pads as part of the baby changing supplies.


Whether using cloth or disposable diapers, be sure to have plenty within reach for each changing. If you are cloth diapers, keep pins and covers handy.


Most people opt for the convenience of disposable wipes. Others may choose washable wipes. Whichever wipes you prefer, keep plenty within reach on the changing table. In addition, keeping fresh washcloths and cotton balls nearby will be useful for cleaning everything from eyes to bottoms.


Diaper creams and ointments help prevent and treat rash. Start by purchasing a sample or small size to decide which brand and type you like best. Keep your favorite on the changing table, along with other baby lubricants, such as baby oil, petroleum jelly and lotion.


Using a toy can usually distract an older infant long enough to stop squirming, making the diaper change a little easier. Some people even use overhead diversions such as mobiles as a distraction. If the baby uses a pacifier, keeping some extras with the changing table supplies will come in as a handy alternative.


Keep a trash can or diaper disposal near the changing table for convenience.

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