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The Top 3 Sleeping Products Every Baby Loves

Oftentimes, one of the most stressful things about parenting a baby is getting the little one on a sleep schedule. Babies don't know the difference between night and day and are frequently awake when the parents want to sleep. Another problem that often plagues parents is a baby that won't fall asleep on her own. Learning when and how to sleep is a skill just like any other that babies need to learn. Several products designed to help that process might seem like miracle-makers to moms of babies with sleeping difficulties.

Sleep Sacks

Sleep sacks are wearable blankets that keep your baby warm and swaddles him, too. There are two parts to the sack; the first part literally resembles a sack that your baby's legs and torso go in with armholes at the top. The second part of the sleep sack wraps around the top of the baby's body, preventing his arms from moving about. The sleep sack swaddles your baby, making him feel secure, as if he were in the womb. It also prevents his arms and legs from flailing, something that often wakes a very young baby while he is sleeping. This product also keeps your baby warm since he is not able to kick it off.

White Noise Machine

Many babies are soothed by white noise -- soft, repetitious sounds. Such noise reminds a baby of the gentle swooshing that he often heard while inside his mother's womb, and this makes it easier for him to fall asleep. There are machines available that produce several different types of white noise -- from a mother's heartbeat to rolling waves.


Mobiles are thought to aid in helping babies soothe themselves to sleep. When teaching a baby to sleep, it is often suggested to put the baby in her crib while she is drowsy, but still awake, since this will provide her with the opportunity to learn how to put herself to sleep. A mobile provides your baby with something to look at until she falls asleep. Mobiles can be attached to the side of the crib or the ceiling above it and typically spin and play music. It is important to remember that if you have placed your mobile on your baby's crib to remove it when your baby can sit up because she will be able to reach and possibly pull it down.

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