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Safe Play Equipment for Toddlers

Ride-On Toys

Ride-on toys are a great way for young children to learn how to use their legs. As they are learning to walk from one place to another, these toys offer them a new form of transportation as well as a good source of physical activity. Depending on the model, ride-on toys may include handles to allow the adult to also push the toy. The toddler coupe is one example of a safe ride-on toy with its roof and driver-side door. Some versions of the coupe also come with a small storage bin and a key that makes sounds when the toddler puts it in the ignition.

Toddler Swing

For those days when the weather is beautiful, a toddler swing lets a young child enjoy the outdoors while spending quality time with you. Certain models include trays to hold food or toys for the toddler. Pay special attention to the maximum weight guidelines for the product you are considering to ensure that your child uses a swing that is appropriate for her.


Playhouses come in all themes and sizes, and since they have roofs, toddlers can use them in most climates. These playhouses can provide hours of fun as well as a place for your child to explore his creativity.

Toddler Slides

Once they have learned to balance themselves, children find that slides offer an exciting opportunity to enjoy their newly found freedom. Toddler slides are made especially for young children and are small enough that children can enjoy them indoors and outdoors. Some models of toddler slides fold down for easy storage. Check the age range for the particular play equipment you are considering purchasing. Models that appear similar may have different features and may not be suitable for certain ages.

Play Tunnels and Tents

Play tunnels and tents are available in all shapes and sizes and offer small children a place to develop their gross motor skills by crawling, walking or running. Use the tunnels and tents indoors and outdoors, and fold them when it's time to move them or put them away.

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