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Affordable Youth Activities

Wash and Water

Combine fun with responsibility by teaming your kids up to wash cars in the neighborhood. Gather buckets and soap and allow the kids to set up shop in the front yard -- starting with yours and the next door neighbor's cars -- to lather up and get each other wet. Perhaps there are elderly residents a few houses up who would appreciate your wet and wild bunch coming over to clean their cars. You can choose to do this as a one-time distraction or even allow them to split the proceeds from tips and donations and make the cleanup a weekly task.

Cooking in the Community

Contact your local cooking and community center for youth cooking classes. These are usually created during summer and winter breaks as an alternative to traditional sports and recreation camps. You’ll be surprised at the lessons your kids will learn, not only in how to cook but in kitchen safety, table manners and dining etiquette. If your area doesn’t offer these classes, this would be a great time to host a cooking day for your kids and their friends. Allow them to create their own recipes, teach them about kitchen maintenance and let them serve you with pride, all at little to no cost.

Play in the Park

Get your kids up and moving with a day in the park. Pack a hearty lunch with plenty of snacks and water, grab their bikes, skates and boards and venture out to the park. Allow little ones to play on park equipment and challenge older kids to a softball or kickball game. Invite other families to tag along with their kids and have a family competition in which teams compete for bragging rights. This fun day will not only allow kids to be interactive and get a little physical fitness, but will bond them as a group and create lasting memories.

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