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How to Monitor Children's Computers

Step 1

Go to Tools, Pop-Up Blocker in Internet Explorer and select "turn-on" Pop-Up Blocker. Enabling the Pop-up Blocker prevents malicious websites and downloads to the computer. Go to Tools, Options and Security to do the same on the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Step 2

Go to Tools, Internet Options and select the Security tab. Click on the "Internet Globe." Below "Security level for this zone," check the box to the left of "Enable Protected Mode." The protected mode provides levels of security and data protection for Windows 7 and Windows Vista users. In Mozilla Firebox click on Tools, Options and the Security tab. Place a check mark in the first three boxes, which are: "Warn me when sites try to install add-ons," "Block reported attack sites" and "Block reported Web forgeries."

Step 3

Delete the history of the computer by selecting Tools and "Delete Browsing History." Deleting the browser history removes temporary Internet files, cookies and previous websites accessed from the computer. "Deleting the Cache" (deleting Internet files, cookies and history) allows the computer to run more efficiently. In Firefox click on Tools and "Clear Recent History."

Step 4

Go to Tools, select the "Privacy" tab and change the "Internet zone" setting by clicking and dragging the vertical bar up to the "Medium High" setting. This blocks third-party cookies (files) that save information that can be used to contact, spam and infiltrate the computer without consent. Changing the Internet zone setting helps to bar spam and malicious websites.

Step 5

Go to Tools, "Internet options" and select "Content." Choose the "Parental Controls" tab. Under "Content Advisor," click on the "Enable" button. Click on the "Ratings" tab and move the adjustable slider to the right, to the "Limited" setting, and then click "Apply" at the bottom of the screen. To set parental controls on Firefox you will need to download free third-party extensions or "add-ons" and install to your Firefox browser.

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