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Nursery Bedding Themes


Consider the large array of animal-themed bedding at your local baby supply store. Choose a specific creature -- a dog or a butterfly, for instance -- or a genre, such as underwater species, Arctic animals or jungle safari. Animal themes are available in unisex and gender-specific color schemes.


Let a favorite cartoon character guide your choice of bedding. Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh and Curious George are a few popular options. If you cannot find the character you seek, make your own bedding with a pattern and fabric available at most craft stores.

Colors and Shapes

If a neutral theme is more your style, choose a specific color or color palette or consider starting with a shape such as polka dots or stars. Once you've chosen a hue or a shape, look for bedding in that color or featuring that pattern. This gives you more freedom to decorate the room because you are not limited by the bedding theme.


Transportation inspires a popular theme for a baby boy's room. Look for bedding featuring cars, trucks, planes or trains. You can find bedding with transportation and animals or characters as a theme. For example, consider bedding with trains full of circus animals.


If you or your spouse is a sports fan, choose bedding that shows your team loyalty. Bedding emblazoned with professional sports logos is easy to find. Bedding with a sports equipment theme -- balls, bats or playing fields -- is also popular. If you cannot find your team or sport in bedding you like, use solid-colored bedding and add sports-themed blankets to the crib.

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