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Diaper Bag Checklist for 8 Months

Restaurant Supplies

Taking a baby to a restaurant is a lot easier with the correct supplies. Wipes, of course, can be used to wipe down the table. You can also purchase table mats that suction or stick to the table. During a meal, the baby can nibble on snacks or play with a toy. Some babies at this age eat more than others. Babies who are eating quite a bit of solid food will appreciate a pureed or diced meal with a spoon.

Extra Clothing

Pack at least one additional full outfit for the baby. Including an extra shirt or two is a good idea, too. At this age, teething babies tend to drool or get food on their shirts. Make sure the outfit is seasonally appropriate.

Diaper Supplies

A diaper bag, of course, contains diapers. Pack a diaper for every hour you will be out of the house. Also include a large plastic zipper bag to hold dirty diapers in case you’re somewhere where a trash can isn’t available, or where a dirty diaper odor might be offensive or noticeable. Wipes go with the diapers, but they’re also good for wiping down changing stations before placing the baby on them. Many diaper bags come with folding changing pads, so use one of these on a changing table surface. In a pinch, a receiving blanket work fine, too.

Appropriate Snacks

Babies are generally eating snacks by 8 months old. To keep baby occupied, parents should pack developmentally appropriate snacks. Snacks that help her develop her pincer grasp, such as small pieces of cereal, work well. Also, many baby food companies sell flavored puffs that children at this age enjoy. Check the labels to see what age the manufacturer recommends for its product.


An eight-month-old baby interacts with her surroundings on a regular basis, so pack toys that she can interact with, such as rattles. Also, babies at this age enjoy mouthing things, so pack toys that have different textures.

Emergency Contacts

Include an index card with the parents’ names, emergency contacts, pediatrician numbers and any other emergency information. In the event of a car accident, or if something happens to the parent, emergency personnel should be able to find contact and identification information.

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