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Springtime Children's Activities


Camping is a fun, inexpensive way for kids to have a change of pace. The best place to take little kids camping is in the backyard or the living room. While they enjoy the novelty of sleeping in a tent, they also get to use indoor bathrooms and running water. String white lights on the ceiling, where they can pose as stars. Use black paper and glitter so kids can create and name their own constellations.


Attract and keep birds in your yard with a simple bird feeder. To make a bird feeder, use a pine cone, peanut butter and a spoon. Use the spoon to scoop the peanut butter out of the jar, and spread it on the pine cones. Roll the pine cones in birdseed or sprinkle birdseed over them. Tie a string to the top. Hang your feeder outside.


Take advantage of the wind. Find out if there is a kite festival in your area. If there isn't, host your own. Mybestkite.com offers many sets of instructions on how to build kites appropriate for mild to moderate wind. Build your kites inside so they don't fly away. Make photocopies of the instructions; provide your guests with the materials. Expect some mistakes. Get ready to fly your kites.

Garden Party

The bright, beautiful days are perfect for a spot of tea. Ask friends and relatives if they have unwanted bridesmaid's dresses or gowns they are willing to donate. Collect them, along with any princess costumes your princess might have. Gloves or hats can be found inexpensively. Make finger sandwiches from peanut butter and jelly (check for allergies first), cheese or cucumber with cream cheese. Cut off the crusts and slice the sandwiches in to four triangles. Use warm water, not hot, to make the tea, and then allow it to cool. Rather than black tea, choose something such as mint or raspberry. Black tea has caffeine, and many people are allergic to chamomile. Set up pretty tables outside with tea cups, saucers and small plates. If going outdoors is not an option, have the guests decorate a room with drawings or cutouts of flowers and butterflies. Once the guests arrive, invite them to choose one of the dresses to wear at the garden party.

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