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How to Help Your Child to Remember His School Books

Step 1

Encourage your child to keep a clean and organized locker or desk. Purchase a locker organizer for him. He should never have loose papers in his locker. You may need to show your child how to organize his desk if he is very young. Simple things such as putting pencils and erasers in a pencil box and stacking books and folders are easy to teach your child.

Step 2

Buy a backpack your child really likes. If you need to compromise, go ahead and compromise. You want to look for a durable, sturdy backpack that will hold up. Many backpacks have wheels, making it easier for a child to haul his books back and forth. Just check with the school first to see what rules it has.

Step 3

Require your child to carry a school planner while he's at school. Planners can be purchased at most office supply stores, online or sometimes through the school.

Step 4

Have your child write down every assignment the teacher gives him in his planner. If the teacher allows students to work on an assignment in class, you should still have your child write down the assignment. If he finishes the the assignment, he should put a check mark next to it. If your child is too young to write, he can use stickers on the planner when assignments have been given and a check mark next to the sticker when the assignment has been completed.

Step 5

At the end of each school day, ask your child to look at his planner. If an assignment has not been completed, have him put that subject's book and folder in his backpack.

Step 6

Make sure your child goes through his backpack and has every book he needs before he leaves school. If you want your child to bring home a book even if he doesn't have an assignment, write it in his planner the night before.

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