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How to Move a Baby to a Big Bed

Step 1

Check that the child's bedroom is safe before transitioning to a big bed. Since the child will be able to easily get out of bed, parents need to make sure the room is childproof. Cover any electrical outlets, secure curtain strings out of reach, place safety locks on windows and remove any choking or fire hazards from the bedroom.

Step 2

Shop for bedding with your child to make the move to a big bed exciting for him. Allow him to pick out the sheets and blankets he'd like -- and even the bed frame if you're looking for one. Options like a car-shaped bed may make the move to a big bed easier on him.

Step 3

Talk with your child about why she's moving to a big bed and how proud you are of her. Let her know that she is safe and that you are close by if she needs you at all. Stay close to her while she falls asleep for the first few nights in her new bed.

Step 4

Celebrate the move to a big bed to make it a happy milestone for your child. Throw him a small party and have him help you set up the new bed. Make the day special for him so that he enjoys his move to a new bed.

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