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An 8-Year-Old Picks Her Favorite Online Games

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It’s cold-and-flu season, and in our house that means MORE screen time! Alert the righteous parent association, I’m a great big mom FAIL.

Now, I wish I was one of those parents who could spend the entire day cuddling my sweet yet sick offspring, but mama has to work. This is just one of the curses of being a work-at-home type: No matter what, work is waiting for me. My peers on the opposite coast also seem to be indulging in more screen time for their kids, but that is all thanks to Mother Nature and her gift of snow, snow and more snow.

On a recent sick day, my darling daughter spent almost the entire day on our iPad. Although my 8-year-old did watch a couple episodes of My Little Pony, most of her time was spent playing games. I opted to give her an assignment: to find her six favorite Web sites for games to recommend to other kids stuck at home. And she took the challenge seriously. Here are her top six picks:

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"They have really cool games, like ones about princesses, Phineas and Ferb and Gravity Falls; and they always have games for new movies like Frozen. I love the Frozen games! And they have so many games that I can’t imagine playing them all."

American Girl Doll

"I love American Girl Dolls so, like, of course I love this site! The games are really fun and sometimes they are educational, which you parents like. But the games are pretty much just for girls, I don’t think boys would like them very much."

PBS Kids

"PBS Kids shows are so good and the games are super good too! I really like the Fetch with Ruff Ruffman and Word Girl games. And they have games for little kids too, like Curious George and Cat in the Hat. Plus you can learn stuff about spelling and math."

Animal Jam

“This site is so cool because there are animal facts all over the game which makes it educational—I learn stuff. I also like that it’s fair and you don’t feel like you ever lose. And you can play with your real life friends and send them messages and visit each other’s “dens.” I really like it. But you won’t buy me another membership so I like it a little less right now.”

Moshi Monsters

“Moshi Monsters is so cool looking! On the site you collect all sorts of pets called moshlings and there are all these missions you do to get the moshlings. Sometimes the moshlings are really ugly, sometimes they’re really cute and sometimes they’re really weird. They also have a blog and contents and stuff so there is lots to do. But to do more you have to have a membership. I want to work there someday.”

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Cartoon Network

“I think I like the games even more than the cartoons! They have some really fun ones and I really like the Adventure Time games, and there are so many of them! They have lots of different games from action, adventure, to racing—plus, creative ones too. But some of the games are really hard. I think they’re for older kids then me.”

Are your kids spending a lot of time online these days?

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