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'Mom! You Can't Go out in That!'

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When Vouchercloud researched the shopping habits of women across the U.S., of the 2,511 women polled—all of whom had a daughter aged 16 or over—55% reported seeking their daughter’s approval before purchasing clothing.

“When I put on an outfit that I just purchased or when I try something different I'll stand in front of my daughter and ask her for her opinion. Her opinion highly affects my decision to wear that outfit for that day,” says Shannon Battle of Fayetteville, NC.

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It seems that moms like Shannon aren’t alone in their hesitance to approve themselves. But what is the big deal? If moms can drive, juggle husbands, careers and parenthood, shouldn’t it be a snap to figure out what to wear?

Moms are keen enough to gauge whether they should correct their husband’s behavior or let it slide. The same goes for staying away from a moody boss and reeling in their children when they get out of hand. Fashion, on the other hand, is a delicate situation where our perception of ourselves may not align with how others see us.

Consider the moms who still shop at Forever 21 who believe that they are still young and free. Their hearts and minds believe they are 22, but their bodies and faces present a much more mature woman. This is where our daughters come in handy.

No daughter wants to be seen with a mom who looks desperate to cling to her youth.

Our daughters are our worst critics when it comes to fashion because we represent them when we go out into the world. No daughter wants her mom to be an embarrassment and no daughter wants to be seen with a mom who looks desperate to cling to her youth.

Moms seek the advice of their daughters when it comes to fashion because, much like the taste buds of the elderly, their perception of what is trendy has waned after watching so many fashions come and go. Are stone washed jeans in again or do I have to wait five more years? Your teen will know.

Our daughters are intrinsically tied to what is acceptable in fashion because they are seeing it for the first time and they are using their wardrobe to define who they are while they search for a better way to measure their value. Moms have too many other life goals to measure so they can’t be bogged down by trite details like the length of a skirt or the width of a heel on a shoe.

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Having a fashion savvy daughter waiting in the wings to quickly approve or disapprove a wardrobe choice is like having a live-in personal assistant. With her around we can focus on finagling (and enjoying) the true gift of motherhood, and stressing less about the wrapping paper.

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