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5 Times I Wish My Baby Was Formula-Fed

Photograph by Twenty20

I've been super lucky to successfully breastfeed all four of my daughters. I have a serious milk supply and my girls have all had a good latch. All things considered, it's been a pretty smooth journey. Considering how many of my friends have struggled significantly with nursing, I know I'm very fortunate.

Still, every now and again I find myself thinking, "Formula feeding would be reeeeeally convenient right now."

Here are five times I've found myself wishing for a bottle-fed baby:

1. Any time I want to wear a silk shirt

I mean, I'm a stay-at-home mom. I don't own a lot of dry-clean-only things. But even when I'm going out with my baby, the chance of milk leaking through said silk shirt are sky high.

2. Every single time I have the pleasure of using an electric double breast pump

It's fantastic that so many insurance plans cover pumps now, but how has no one invented a less demoralizing machine? I'm never sad to say goodbye to the days of sitting on my bathroom floor, hooked up to a pump and feeling very much like a cow.

3. When one of my willing helpers (my three older daughters), would LOVE to feed the baby

Because there's nothing I'd like more than to let them feed the baby while I did something else (cook dinner! Or ... possibly just look at Instagram without leaking through my shirt while I scroll). But, invariably, I don't have any pumped milk ready to go. Since I breastfeed, I don't keep formula on hand. Plus, my baby is not a massive bottle fan in the first place.

4. When we have the opportunity to go on vacation

My husband really liked the idea of going to Hawaii this fall for my birthday, sans children. I liked that idea too, obviously. And my mother-in-law was totally on board to watch our children. Except spending half our vacation pumping in a hotel room didn't exactly sound like the vacation of my dreams. Did I mention the "baby who doesn't love bottles" thing? Pretty sure if we left our baby behind, my mother-in-law would never speak to me again.

5. When I desperately don't want to get up in the night and nurse my baby

My husband is a super dad. But he obviously can't nurse, and so the night-feeding load falls completely on me. Even though my baby is a quick eater, it feels like a month—or possibly two years—while I'm waiting for her to finish her little 2 a.m. snack so I can gently place her back in her crib and then collapse back in my own bed as quickly as humanly possible.

So, sure, I feel super lucky to be able to breastfeed.

But sometimes, I look at those convenient cans of formula on the grocery store shelf and I think, "That does not seem like a bad idea."

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