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What Golf Can Teach Kids

Golf is not as widely played among kids as team sports like baseball, football, basketball and soccer, but it can teach children many life skills. Even toddlers can develop skills from golf making this a sport you can learn as a family or with friends.


Golfers must display good manners in numerous areas of the game. Many golf courses have a dress code to assure that golfers look neat and clean, and golfers of all ages have to be mature and respect this code. Kids who play golf also have to learn to be punctual, for players are given a tee time that they must make in order to play. When playing a course, kids must display good manners and show respect to fellow players. They must be quiet when walking on the course. When playing golf with others, kids learn to take turns and be honest by accurately recording their scores. Kids must respect other golfers playing around them, keeping their emotions in check even after a poorly played hole or game -- making a loud scene is frowned upon.

Safety Awareness

Golf is an individual sport, but people often golf in pairs or groups. If you participate in a tournament, golfers always play with at least one other competitor. Therefore, an intrinsic part of learning golf is understanding how to stay safe while doing so. Kids learn not to swing their clubs when a person walks by and not to stand behind someone who is preparing to swing. To stay safe from others playing the same course, kids learn to stick to the hole they are playing and follow the cart path to their next hole. By learning safety awareness through golf, children understand the importance of safety in general and get used to following instructions.


In any sport a person must persevere to become better, and golf is no exception. A golfer constantly strives to improve his game. For someone to progress, he must be extremely dedicated; therefore, kids who want to learn to play golf must learn to stick with it. Not only must a kid play consistently, but he must be willing to make small changes to his golf game, such as in his stance, grip, ball type or club, to improve his game. These changes might seem small, but a kid who plays golf learns to understand the importance of these alterations in the larger picture of his golf game.

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