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An 8-Year-Old Explains 'My Little Pony'

My daughter first fell in love with My Little Pony when she was in preschool, but it was a short-lived affair. She thought they were totally adorable and, really, with their bright colors and equine-centric theme, they are catnip for girly girls. But then she completely and totally lost interest and sent those ponies off to pasture. And in another twist, about six months ago—suddenly and totally out of the blue—her love of My Little Pony came galloping back.

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In this new incarnation of her My Little Pony love, it goes far beyond “they’re cute.” She is actually appreciating the ponies in a much deeper and meaningful way. I wanted to know why she is now so drawn to them, so I put on my reporter hat and interviewed her (and bribed her with a deck of My Little Pony cards).

Could you explain the elements of harmony to me?

In the first episode they do this thing where they climb a mountain or something like that and do acts of what the elements of harmony are. Like Applejack is the most honest pony in Ponyville; Fluttershy is really, really kind and nice; and Pinkie Pie brings lots of laughter.

Why is My Little Pony so important?

Well, it’s educational and it teaches kids about having friendships and stuff. Plus, it’s really funny. The main thing on the show is friendship. All kids should watch it.

I like Derpy because she is really, really funny, and she likes muffins.

Who is your favorite Pony?

Chrysalis, the changelings queen. She’s a bad guy, but she’s really cool. I also really like Pinkie Pie and Derpy. Chrysalis is really cool because she can change into any pony that she wants to, plus she has a really cool outfit. I like Pinkie Pie because she is hilarious and delirious and you never know what she is going to do. And I like Derpy because she is really, really funny and she likes muffins.

Are there big life lessons you’ve learned on My Little Pony?

Yes! Like you should always be nice to your friends. You should never quit on them because if you do, things will end badly.

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What would life be like without My Little Pony?

Sad and ponyless.

Any other things you want to say?

I will always love My Little Pony.

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