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10 Fights I'm Glad My Kids Had

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As a mom living more than 3,000 miles away from my sons, I manage to keep a close relationship with them by talking to them on the phone every day. Since I can’t physically touch them, it hurts a little bit, but they sure do know how to make mommy feel involved.

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Even though it feels like I am a million miles away, my sons will call me up to settle the most trite arguments—and it feels good to hear them. I know most moms become desensitized to the chatter their kids make. I used to be like that when they lived with me, too. Most moms pray for a moment of silence and well-being among their children, but I welcome the discord.

There are other times when the fights they get into cause me to erupt into giggles after I’ve listened and offered my decision and direction. Sometimes I have to shake my head over their drama, but secretly I’m glad to hear the phone ring so I can preside over fights like these:

1. “Daddy’s taking us to lunch and he says we can choose the place, but Solomon wants Golden Corral and I want Red Lobster. Daddy says we have to agree or we can’t go! ” Sai says.

2. “Synclair (their little sister) came into the room and hit Solomon, so he hit her back and now we’re all in trouble!”

3. “Sai took my book again!”

“Why did you take his book, Sai?”

“He’s reading on the bus with a flashlight and everybody is trying to sleep.”

4. “Mommy! Sai threw my book downstairs!”

“Why would you do that, Sai?”

“Because we have to clean the room, and Solomon didn't want to help and he kept reading,” Sai admits. “But I wasn’t cruel or anything. I checked the page number for him before I threw it.”

“He called me fat, mommy!”

5. “He’s wearing my undershirts, mommy! I saw him go into my drawer, take mine, and he has a drawer full of shirts!”

“That’s because you took my shirts and put them in your drawer!”

6. “He’s doing it again,” Sai says to me.

“What’s happening?”

“It’s time to clean the room and now he’s sick again.”

7. “I was watching a show, and he came and changed it!”

“Why would you do that?” I ask.

“Because that’s a dumb kids' show. He needs to grow up.”

8. “He called me fat, mommy!”

“What did I tell you about calling your brother fat?” I ask.

“I’m trying, but it’s hard.”

9. “Mommy! Saidon took my $5!”

“Whuh? Why?”

“I don’t know why! I had $5 in my pocket, and he took it and said it was his. It’s mine! I know it is!”

“Let me speak to your brother.”

10. “Once again, Solomon won’t turn the light out, mommy. It’s 10 o’clock. I’m tired.”

“But mommy, all he has to do is close his eyes and it will seem like the lights are out.”

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I live for these phone calls because I know I am an important part of their daily lives. These calls mean they respect my opinion, and from all away across the country I can send them to bed after a good talking-to.

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