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7 Ways to Make Sure Your Mother's Day Doesn't Suck

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My first Mother’s Day sucked. I’m telling you that so you can manage your own expectations. And, so you can learn from my mistake(s).

You see, my first Mother’s Day sucked because I didn’t have the inside scoop on just how to make sure I had a fantastic first Mother’s Day. No one told me and so I didn’t know that it was up to me, not my husband, to make sure I had the Mother’s Day I’d always dreamed of.

So I’m going to spare you the trouble of having a bad Mother’s Day, yourself, and let you in on a few secrets. You’re welcome, and have a great day! You deserve it.

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1. Define the term “sleeping in” for your husband. You think it seems clear, but it doesn’t. Your husband will definitely get up with the kids. But if you don’t explain what sleeping in means, you’re getting up with them also. That’s because your husband thinks sleeping in means you lying horizontal. He doesn’t care if the kids are loud enough to make you go deaf or if they’re actually standing over you, waiting for you to wake up.

2. You don’t have to be a mother on Mother’s Day. There’s nothing wrong putting your “off duty” sign on and letting your kid’s dad take care of the kid. You don’t have to cook, think about cooking, clean, think about cleaning, or do any other "mom" duties. It’s your day. Take it!

3. Mother’s Day is a whole day, not just a few hours. It’s Mother’s Day, not “Mother’s a Few Hours.” So make sure your kid’s dad knows that you’re off duty for the whole day. Not just for a few minutes.

No crying on Mother’s Day.

4. You deserve a present. You housed a person in your belly. You deserve a gift! Subtle cues include leaving magazine clippings on your husband’s desk or just buying the present yourself. It doesn’t matter how you get it. What matters is that you deserve it.

5. You don’t have to spend the whole day with the kids. The problem with Mother’s Day is that what most moms want to do is see their kids for a second before going to the gym with some friends or meeting a buddy at the spa. So do it! It’s your day to make to be happy and celebrated, even if it’s not with the kids the whole time.

6. Kids don’t have emergencies on Mother’s Day. Your kids may not have received the memo, so you may want to give it to them. That memo says, "No crying on Mother’s Day." They can cry the rest of the year.

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7. Tell your husband what you want to do in advance. The best way to be disappointed on Mother’s Day is to leave the day’s planning entirely up to the hubs. Tell your husband, in advance of the day, how you’d like to spend it. But be warned. If you say, “Surprise me!” he may surprise you with an entirely crappy day.

So take it from me. I’ve had six Mother’s Days to learn from. Don’t be afraid to enjoy the day exactly how you want to. You can go back to taking care of everyone else tomorrow.

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