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10 Reasons Your Daughter Should Date a Bieber

Photograph by Rex / Rex USA

If you have a daughter, I’m fairly certain this thought has crossed your mind: “When my little girl grows up, I hope she never dates a guy like Justin Bieber.” Then you remember what you were doing and who you were dating when you were about 19 years old and the reality sets in, your daughter is going to date a guy exactly like, if not worse than, Justin Bieber.

As a recovered bad boy dater myself, and as the mother of a daughter, I can assure you that it’s actually a good thing that your girl has some bad taste in men. Before you tell me I’m totally out of my mind, here are 10 reasons every girl should date a guy like Bieber.

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1) She’ll Get the Drama Out of Her System

Most young ladies will date a lot of guys before they settle down. Let her get the need for drama out of her system with the bartender or the painter with the motorcycle. She’ll get tired of him soon enough.

2) Everyone Needs a Few Good Stories

There’s nothing better than being in a long-term relationship in which you feel safe, but it’s also nice to feel like you lived a little and have the crazy stories to back it up.

3) When She Finally Dates a Nice Guy, She’ll Appreciate Him So Much More

Nice guys seem boring until you’ve dated a bad boy. Then, guys with jobs and manners suddenly seem cool.

4) Bad Boys Always Seem Exciting Until You Spend Time With One

That brooding guy at yoga seems so cool until you sit through dinner and all he does is talk about himself. Bad boys are usually cute, but self-centered. Snooze.

It only takes one bad boy to remind a girl that bad boys are terrible boyfriends.

5) It’s Good to Learn Boundaries by Testing Them

Growing up is about learning your own boundaries and that sometimes means testing them. She’s just finding her own limits.

6) She’s Learning to Stand Up for Herself

Bad boys are notoriously bad daters, which means they provide nice girls endless opportunities to stand up for themselves and eventually move on.

7) She’ll Never Be This Naïve Again

She’s going to learn some pretty hard lessons by dating a bad boy. And she’ll undoubtedly get her heart broken. The good news is, she’ll only be this naïve once. Next time, she’ll be savvy.

8) You Get to See How Well You Raised Her

You raised her right. That means she’s not going to marry the drummer from that terrible band playing at the mall who barely pays attention to her.

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9) Better to Date the Bad Boy Than Marry Him

She may think this boyfriend is permanent, but he’s not.

10) She’ll Have No Regrets When She Does Settle Down

Now that she’s experienced what it’s really like to date a bad boy, she’ll want something more for herself. She’ll feel proud of herself when she finds it.

It only takes one bad boy to remind a girl that bad boys are terrible boyfriends. And she’ll feel so much better about herself when she finds someone who’s kind and considerate. Trust me, I know.

Image via Rex USA

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