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Kid Talk: Glitter Circle Art

This art activity uses a few ordinary items that you probably already have it home, but the results are anything but ordinary. I love making art with everyday objects. For one thing, it saves money on purchasing supplies. In addition, it helps kids learn to see common objects in a new way. This glitter circle art is made using glue, a cup and glitter. This is a very versatile activity in that it would appeal to a variety of ages. Even I couldn't resist making my own.

You will need:

White glue

Tray or plate

Disposable cup

Glitter in various colors

White paper

You will need a tray or plate to pour some white glue on. Provide your child with a piece of paper and a disposable cup. Explain that she will dip the open end of the cup into the glue and then press it onto the paper to make a glue print.

I left this open ended for my daughter and didn't tell her how many circles to make or where to place them.

When she was done making her glue prints, she let me know and I gave her some glitter. If you have a young child and she will be sprinkling on the glitter, you may want to go over a few glitter ground rules. I explained to my daughter that we sprinkle glitter gently rather than dump it all out at once. I love her look of concentration as she added glitter to the glue.

You can certainly do this activity with only one color of glitter but my daughter was very excited to use different colors. I must say I like the contrast between the two colors.

After your child pours the glitter over the glue, shake off the excess glitter. This is definitely an adult step. I try to shake off excess glitter on to another sheet of white paper and then make a funnel out of the paper and pour it back into the bottle.

This activity was so much fun for my daughter that I had to do it too. I wanted to try and make a pattern by overlapping the circles. The possibilities are endless with this simple art activity. Using different sized cups would also create a very interesting design. Let your art dry for a few hours and it is ready to hang!

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