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The Summer Reads We're Not Reading (But Really Want To!)

Once there was a time when I would love nothing more than passing the time with my nose stuck firmly in a book, devouring the words with a ravenous hunger. But that all changed on January 2nd, 2006, the day I gave birth to my lovely daughter. While there have been periods when I am able to sneak in a short novel or at the very least, a chapter, I don’t get to escape into the world of books as much as I once did. Instead the novels I wish I had time to read sit there in a pile on my bedside table, untouched and unopened. And I am not alone; countless moms and dads also have these piles of books waiting to be read by their bedsides. Now that summer is upon us and we want to get lost in a good book, it made me wonder—what are we not reading these days?

Check out this collection of book piles of authors, bloggers and friends have by their bedside right here, and maybe you'll be inspired to actually get some great reading done while sitting by the pool:

Nichole Beaudry


“When I look at the stack of books on my nightstand, it strikes me that they represent who I am now and the woman I have been at different stages in my life. Fifteen years ago, I was an undergrad with an insatiable thirst for all things British. Ten years ago, I was an English professor. Five years ago, I was a stay-at-home mother. Last year, I launched my photography business. These aren't signs of who I once was, but the many pieces of who I am.”

Whit Honea

Author of Parent's Phrase Book and HoneaExpress.com

"I have one pile for reading and the other one is for signing” (Whit just came out with his first book, as seen above, The Parent’s Phrase Book.)

Nadia Carriere

Writer at Childmode.com

"My nightstand is a mix of children's books, cookbooks, fiction and non-fiction. I'm a big fan of Giada De Laurentiis and so I'm thrilled that she's come out with a healthy cookbook. Calligraphy is something that I used to take quite seriously when I was younger, so I'm excited to start up again. Even if it is a little bit here and there."

Molly Idle

Author and Illustrator of Flora and the Flamingo (A 2014 Caldecott Honor Book), Molly has a fellow 2014 Caldecott Award winner on her shelf—Kate DiCamillo’s, Flora and Ulysses!

Kristen Howerton

Blogger at Rage Against the Minivan

“So many books, so little time.”

Kate Tuttle

Book Reviewer for the Boston Globe and elsewhere, writer at Mom.me, Kate tweets @katekilla.

"My desk pile includes More Than Conquerors, Megan Hustad's lovely memoir, which I reviewed for the Boston Globe last month. Also Jenny Offill's Dept. of Speculation, which I'm dying to read but haven't gotten to yet. And, oh yeah, my husband Kevin Young's new volume of poetry, Book of Hours, which I adore.

Jeanne Sager

Writer at Inside Out Motherhood and The Stir

“I waited for a dog's age to get hold of The Goldfinch. I think I was #459 on our library's loan list. You would have thought I'd have poured through all the other books on my beside table in the meantime, but somehow I still have a pile to get through. What is it Jefferson said, 'So many books, so little time'?”

Beth Blecherman

Creator of Techmamas.com and author of My Parent Plan

“I obsessively read news ALL day online so when I read books I like to read inspirational, self help, lifestyle, parenting (anything non tech, social media or business!) I just bought Mayim Bialik's Vegan Table because I just went vegan; I am reading Eat Move Sleep to figure out a way to inspire my teen to go back to working out; 1,000 Mitzvah's & The Untethered Soul (@TheGoToMom recommended that one) to keep feed my spiritual side. But then I always have fun re-reading Guy Kawasaki books and any books my social media peeps wrote!”

Beth Kephart

Author of the upcoming Going Over and a National Book Award finalist.

“It’s a bit idiosyncratic. But such is my life.”

Cam Bowman

Writer at Growing Up Goofy and author of 101 Disneyland Tips

“There was a time when I would read a book or two a week. Now I'm lucky if I can get to one a month! Depending on my mood, I'll grab one from my stack and read as much as I can. Eventually, they'll all be read.”

Aaron Reynolds

Author of Carnivores, Chicks and Salsa, Joey Fly, Private Eye and the Caldecott Honor winning Creepy Carrots.

He claims that his pile is “out of control,” but it’s nice to see he utilizes his public library!

Christie O. Tate

Creator of Outlaw Mama and Mom.me writer

After she sent her book pile photo in she informed me, “And I'd just cleaned it off.”

Wow. Just wow.

Amy Hayes

Pre-school Teacher

She has so many books to read she put a shelf next to her side of the bed and she loves her YA!

Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Author of Spoon, Little Pea, Duck Rabbit and many more.

“When we built our house a few years ago, I very intentionally chose *not* to put a nightstand next to my bed. I thought this would help with the overflowing wobbly stacks I'd been contending with all the years prior. With a fresh start, and this exciting new approach, I imagined I'd have one or two books nicely placed on the floor next to my bed. This photo captures what actually transpired.”

Mike Adamick

Author of Dad's Book of Awesome Projects, Dad's Book of Awesome Science Experiments and the blog Cry It Out: Memoirs of a Stay-at-Home Dad

"The funny thing about book piles is that they can be both a promise of adventures to come and a nagging, recalcitrant friend waiting for your return call. I've got books in there that I'm just itching to get to as well as books I've given up on. It's as if I can feel their guilt-trip—until, that is, I cover them up with more books full of promise. My book pile is a hodgepodge of all the crazy sides of life: thrillers, thinkers, thumb-suckers, you name it. I never envisioned adding so many kid books to the pile, but I like that they're there now—ready to pull out again for a good weekend snuggle fest."

Celia Stygnom

Celia Stygnon is an alias for a parenting blogger. Hence, the photo above. Celia says:

"I think I need to diversify."

Lara Morris Starr

Author and publicist at Chronicle Books

“My book stack! Heavy on the YA and Royal Family.”

Sunny Chanel

of Mom.me and Babble.com

"My pile is a mix of adult novel and YA plus books I'm reading with my kid like the Edward Eager's Seven-Day Magic. I think That Laurie R. King's The Beekeeper's Apprentice has been in my pile of at least a year."

What's in your book pile?

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