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Kid Talk: Salt Resist Watercolors

Though we enjoy all types of paint and painting, watercolors are our favorites. So, we tend to do lots of art projects that involve them. Salt and watercolors literally never gets old. I know this because I used to paint with them 30 years ago and I still love it. It's very easy, but produces gorgeous results.

To make salt resist watercolor paintings, you need:


Liquid watercolors or traditional watercolors

The key to making the best salt resist watercolor painting is making sure you add the salt when your watercolors are still wet. As you can see, S is painting a bit, then sprinkling a bit of salt, then painting a bit more and so on.

It doesn't take much salt, but it's a fun one for kids to experiment with. Once the paintings are dry, any additional salt can be brushed off, so you really can't add too much!

And here's the final painting. The salt will make bleached out patterns in the watercolors that are just beautiful.

See, I told you it never gets old. I made one too. I love that the results are always different each time you try. It's definitely a well-loved art project around here.

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