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Kid Doodles on Passport, Dad Gets Detained

One thing's for sure — a kid with a crayon knows no bounds.

For any parent who's ever handed their kid a box of crayons or markers, and then (unwisely) turned their back for one second, you know how easily something of value can be destroyed. Walls, for instance, are instantly considered wide-open canvases, just waiting to be beautified by your creative toddler.

So too are passports, apparently, as one Chinese dad recently learned the ultra-hard way this week.

The dad, who has only been identified as "Chen," had left his passport unattended in the presence of his 4-year-old. Unfortunately, that 4-year-old also happened to be in possession of a pen and proceeded to doodle extensively all over his dad's photo. Now, you might think all of that is kind of adorable — particularly when you see the resulting doodle in question — except that it really really wasn't. The family was currently abroad in South Korea, and once Chen and his family tried to make their way back to China, authorities said he could not leave the country, due to his unrecognizable documentation.

Understandably frantic, the dad has since put out a plea on the social networking site Weibo, asking others for help. (Yikes!)

Moral of this story? Hide your passport. Lock it in a drawer, bury it in the yard ... whatever you have to do. Just keep it far away from your tiny Picasso.

Check out the video for four more ways grown-ups' days were ruined by kids' drawings.

Image via YouTube

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