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Kid Talk: Ball and Cup Game

This activity combines art and gross motor fun. Your child will be creating a ball and cup game using just a few basic supplies. The object of the game is simple—get the attached ball into the cup by swinging it. Sounds easy enough, doesn't it? I can tell you that it requires practice and trial and error. My four year old was able to do it after a some practice. It was wonderful to see her persevere and try different approaches to get the ball in the cup.

You will need:

Paper plate

Watercolor paints

12 inch string

Large bead




Using the scissors, cut 1/3 off of the paper plate. (Do this yourself, parents.)

Provide your child with some water color paints and the larger section to the paper plate to decorate. She will be painting the bottom side of the plate.

When she is done painting the plate, allow it to dry.

When the plate is dry, you will be taping a length of string to the non-painted side. String that is about 12 inches long works best. I used a long lacing shoelace, so I bundled some up before I taped it down.

Tie a large bead to the end of the string. I made two knots at the end just to make sure the bead was secure.

Form a cone with the plate with the ridged part forming the bigger opening on top. Staple together.

To play with the ball and cup game, hold the cup in one hand and swing it to try and get the bead in the cup. This requires quite a bit of practice for kids (and adults as well!).

When she gets the bead in the cup she will be thrilled! This fun activity is a great way to work on hand-eye coordination as well as helping to develop patience.

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