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How to Create Space in a Kid's Room

Children's rooms never seem to have enough space for all their belongings, let alone room to work, play, or simply relax. Stepping over piles of clothes and never being able to find what you want is likely to make your child just as agitated as it makes you. Reorganize your child's room to give her them the space they need to be neat, happy, and creative.

Step 1

Remove everything from your child's room to get a good idea of the space. This gives you a blank canvas to rethink how to organize your child's belongings and place the furniture to make the most of the space.

Step 2

Separate all your child's belongings into categories so you know what needs to go back inside the room. Remove anything that doesn't belong in the room.

Step 3

Throw away any trash, such as broken toys or torn clothing. Donate or sell items that don't fit or that he doesn't play with anymore. If you're saving the items for another baby, store them in a garage, basement or other closet if possible.

Step 4

Arrange the furniture to allow the most open floor space possible. Push a bed against the wall, which also provides a barrier one side of the bed to prevent your child from rolling out of it. Use a tall lingerie chest or armoire instead of a dresser if you can or move all clothes to the closet and skip a dresser. Only use furniture your child actually needs to free up additional space.

Step 5

Install shelves and drawers in the closet to make full use of that space. Store all his clothes, shoes and toys in the closet if there's room. Add a bookshelf to his bedroom for additional storage or install floating shelves if floor space is at a premium.

Step 6

Store extra bedding, out-of-season clothes and extra toys in clearly labeled bins or baskets under the bed or on the top shelf of the closet. This keeps them close yet out of the way, which frees up space in the bedroom.

Step 7

Organize your child's belonging to accomodate their needs. Ask for their help to create a system that makes sense; this will make it easier for them to keep it neat. A clutter-free room is more spacious than a cluttered room.

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