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8 Brilliant Multi-Tasking Ideas We Wish Existed

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I swear I spend half my life in a grocery store. Actually, make that three grocery stores, when you factor in the mandatory organics that can only be purchased at one store, the paper stuff that the organic place doesn’t carry and then everything else that is too expensive to buy at the organic place. In fact, I spend so much time running errands for the family, things like dentist appointments and haircuts for me always take a backseat to the more pressing family business.

So it recently occurred to me that we moms waste so much time while we’re being productive. That’s because moms are, by necessity, masterful multi-taskers, but so much of our life prevents us from using our time wisely. For example, I have to go to the grocery store. Wouldn’t it be great if I could get a car wash at the same time? In fact, there are so many better ways to use our time, if only some savvy entrepreneur would take the lead on these brilliant ideas.

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1. The WaxSmear. Most of us moms would rather do anything than get a pap smear. On the other hand, most of will move mountains, and our schedules, to make sure we get to our bikini wax appointment before our lady-business needs a hedge trimmer. So why not get a WaxSmear and kill two birds with one set of stirrups?

2. The Toothicure. I’m already stuck in a chair for a teeth cleaning, so why can’t I get a manicure at the same time? My nails would look a whole lot better and I’d finally have an excuse for not flossing. My nails are wet!

3. The BabyUber. I would never do this! I repeat I would never do this! But just imagine a world where an Uber could take your kids to school and you didn’t have to do all the round trips for everyone’s different pick-up times.

4. The Physical Therapy. The idea of going to a shrink sounds fabulous. If nothing else, it's an hour when I’d get to talk about myself and a professional would be paid to listen. But since I haven’t gotten a physical since, well, since I don’t know when, maybe I could get a physical and the doctor on hand (or anyone who would listen) can just let me talk. They don’t even have to respond!

5. The Yoga-Nap. I need to exercise and I desperately need a nap. So if I nap during yoga does it still count? Let’s just say it does.

6. The Coffee Cleaner. Sometimes I’m just jonesing for a cup of coffee, but the errand list beckons me, and I realize I can’t do both. Sadly, errands always win. Now if my dry cleaner would open a coffee shop, I could drop off that mound of dirty clothing and get a warm cup of joe for the road.

7. The Drive-Thru Pediatrician. Let’s face it, once you have a toddler and you’re visiting the doctor once a year for well visits, there’s not much to the appointment. So why wouldn’t a pediatrician open a drive-thru window? The doctor can take a look at my kid, take all the necessary measurements and I don’t have to get out of the car. Plus it saves me the trouble of having my healthy kid around all the sneezers in the sick room next door.

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8. The Dance Café. On any given day, there’s a high probability I haven’t had time to eat by the time I’ve picked up the kids and am hauling across town to dance or swim class. So while I’m waiting to shuttle my kid away from dance or swim class, it would be nice if someone fed me.

See, I told you these were great ideas!

Image via Getty Images

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