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11 Dangers Our Kids Face That We Never Had To

The only time moms experience a true peace of mind is when we watch our kids sleep. As times change so do our fears and the dangers our children face. Our parents kept a close eye on us, but it was nothing compared to the monitoring we have to have for our children today. It seems the world’s progress means the opportunities for dangers have increased. Take a look at these 10 dangers that our children are exposed to that weren’t much of an issue when we were growing up.

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1. YouTube

YouTube doesn’t seem like much of a danger if all you watch are marriage proposal videos and dog tricks, but with access to so much information that we were never exposed to, our children have a handy instruction manual for any random idea they may have. A parent tells me she caught her daughter and her friends searching for videos about how to kill themselves after being distraught over bad grades in school.

2. School Shootings

When corporal punishment in schools ended, we thought bullying in schools was the worst of our problems — until this generation somehow gained access to guns and the idea that releasing their frustration over not having the things they want in life should be remedied by harming other innocent children. How these children gain access to the weapons they use to commit these mass murders, we will never truly know, but we do know that if someone has to invent a bulletproof blanket to sell to schools as a precautionary method against school shootings, something is very, very wrong with the safety of our schools.

3. Reality TV

We used to be able to turn the television off at night and eliminate the kids from watching any undesirable television programs, but it’s not the case with the advent of social media and clips being shared on various social platforms. Our children have access to a genre of television that did not exist in our day: reality TV. This style of entertainment is dangerous to our children because it showcases an exaggerated perspective on life that is strictly made for ratings. Our children don’t know that these adults are hamming it up for the camera and will be fooled into believing that the over-the-top, disrespectful behavior is how the majority of people interact with each other and the world.

4. Internet Stalkers

Decades ago parents imagined that pedophiles, kidnappers and murderers were weird-looking old men lurking around playgrounds, but today that has all changed. Because of our internet connection, which lacks face to face communication, our children are being raised to trust that the person on the other end of their private message or email is exactly who they say they are. This kind of blind faith has led to many children to being abducted or hurt by strangers pretending to be younger than they are. They are earning our children’s trust one Kik at a time.

These days anything we say and do on the Internet becomes a part of our permanent records, ultimately following us and affecting how we are perceived for the rest of our lives.

5. Hormones in Food

With improved technology comes advances in chemistry, and scientists have figured out how to genetically produce the meat and vegetables we used to primarily farm. Now that food producers have found a way to produce what we consume in larger volumes by adding hormones and other additives, parents have to be careful that what we are feeding our children is really as nutritious as we think it is.

6. The Cloud

The worst thing we could think of when we were kids was having something negative written on our permanent records at school. These days anything we say and do on the Internet becomes a part of our permanent records, ultimately following us and affecting how we are perceived for the rest of our lives. Our children believe they are just having fun and being creative, but they are really setting the tone for their futures with every key stroke.

7. Secondary Drowning

While we remember running barefoot to the neighborhood swimming pool during the summer, worrying about stepping on a nail, moms today are worrying about an even more silent danger that could end their children's lives: secondary drowning. Secondary drowning happens when a child inhales water into his lungs while swimming. Your child won’t appear to be overtly distressed and it may take from 1 to 24 hours for symptoms to be noticed. If your child becomes uncharacteristically fatigued, has trouble breathing or is agitated after swimming he may be suffering from secondary drowning, which requires immediate medical attention.

8. Leaving Kids in Cars

Things just aren’t the same as they were when we were younger. Some parents are simply clueless about the danger they place their children in by leaving them inside a parked car while they run a quick errand. Not only is it illegal to leave children unattended in closed vehicles, which could lead to suffocation and dehydration when the temperatures are high, but also if you are not paying attention, your car and your child could be gone in a flash.

9. Violent Video Games

We played "Duck, Duck, Goose," and if our parents were fancy, we played Super Mario Brothers, but these days our children are hooked on violent games like Grand Theft Auto V, where they can pretend to be gang members terrorizing neighborhoods and killing people for fun. Some experts argue that this is a healthy release of aggression, but smart parents know that sports is a better outlet for that. Pretending to shoot everyone while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle is a type of “practice” our children don’t need.

10. Cyber Bullying

When bigger kids took our lunch money, we silently forked it over and went on with our lives until we learned how to defend ourselves. Today, there is a different type of bullying that is more prevalent in the lives of our children, tarnishing their reputations and embarrassing them in ways that their classrooms can’t contain. Cyber bullying is a form of Internet-based antagonizing that attempts to hurt the victim by shaming them in front of their peers. Children all over the country have been reported to have committed suicide over cyber bullying, and many more have been video taped during fist fights that have gone viral over petty issues that escalated from an online argument.

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11. Obesity

Physical education is practically non-existent in our public school systems and our children are carrying the evidence. When overworked parents and under-monitored children are working together to carve out a life for themselves, the trade-off is often physical activity, which leads to poor eating habits and health issues. The problem of childhood obesity is now so severe that our First Lady Michelle Obama launched an entire initiative to make parents aware of what they are feeding their children and how they can make healthier choices.

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