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What Kids' Summer Plans Mean for Mom

Remember the summers of your childhood? Oh, how the days and weeks and months stretched out before you, full of freedom and sun-drenched possibility. You could spend an entire day reading in the shade of a tree, riding your bike down a country road toward unknown adventures or leaping off a tire swing into the neighborhood creek.

OK, I'm pretty sure I saw all that stuff in a lemonade commercial, but for the purposes of this article, I choose to remember it as real-life childhood.

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As much as things have changed through the years, your kids still have big plans for the summer, just like you always did. Except now, as the parent, you probably see things a little differently. Here's what you're likely to find on your kid's summer bucket list — and what it means to you.

Kid's plan: Stay up all night, every night!

What it means to you: Getting sneakier about secret late-night snacking.

Kid's plan: Attend summer camp!

What it means to you: An entire week spent forcing yourself not to think about canoes capsizing.

Kid's plan: Go to the beach every weekend!

What it means to you: Spending $10,425 on sunscreen that they'll refuse to wear without a tantrum.

Kid's plan: Make sun-catchers!

What it means to you: 72 hours at the craft store, followed by 72 hours scraping glitter glue and shellacked tissue paper off your dining room table.

Kid's plan: Blow the biggest bubbles IN THE WORLD!

What it means to you: Having the sudsiest yard IN THE WORLD!

Kid's plan: Go to the zoo!

What it means to you: Lions and tigers and bears (and 102-degrees in the shade and $12 hot dogs and 8 gallons of hand sanitizer), oh my!

Kid's plan: Play in the sprinkler!

What it means to you: Spreading new grass seed in the mud pit that was once your lawn.

Kid's plan: Take a nature hike — with a fun scavenger hunt!

What it means to you: Applying calamine lotion to poison ivy — with a fun scavenger hunt for ticks.

Kid's plan: Make tie-dyed shirts!

What it means to you: Scrubbing tie-dyed hands.

Kid's plan: Spend the night at Grandma's house!

What it means to you: OMG YES, LET'S DO THAT EVERY NIGHT!

So, what are your kids' big plans for the summer? Are you anywhere near as excited as they are?

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