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'Camp Daddy' Made Me Jealous of My Kids

Can we all agree that summer camp programs today are ri-freaking-diculous? That sewing camp for kids I wanted to send my daughter to? For one week of learning how to make her own outfit, I would be charged $500 for the pleasure of dropping her off at the perfect time to make me late for work, and either paying someone to pick her up way earlier than school pick-up, or ditching work (again) to do it myself. For $500, that girl could buy an amazing wardrobe that doesn't have crooked stitching. And why am I paying for "Star Wars" camp when my little dude refuses to even watch "Return of the Jedi"?

It was this summertime frustration, along with my husband's generous vacation package, that encouraged him to forget the fancy camps for a week and take off work. He was going to take the kids on many adventures, and for not even close to the cost of sports, dance or philosophy camp (yes, philosophy camp is a thing.) My first thought was, "Better you than me." But once camp started? I got seriously jealous of the rest of my family. I think you might too.

Day 1: Funky Downtown Bookstore & Lunch

My girl's first Tolkien, and I wasn't there to see it! Browsing around a new and used bookstore in downtown LA is actually MY idea of a great afternoon spent. Sure, I'm glad my kids follow in their mother's footsteps with their love for literature and browsing the stacks, but I wanna' go!!!!!

Now this activity actually makes sense. My husband has been craving really great ramen ever since I was diagnosed with celiac disease and had to stop dining at those gluten-filled joints. So having the gluten-free person in the family out of the picture meant the rest of them could chow down. My kids had their first taste of authentic ramen and are now hooked. It's going to be a tradition now to ditch mom and enjoy gluten-y noodles. Don't worry about me, kids! I had NACHOS for lunch.

Day 2: Park Day!

I have to admit I did not miss hanging out at the park and watching the kids roller skate and scooter the hours away. I'm just not a park "fan," I would say. What with the apologizing to other parents when one of my kids runs over one of their kids and all.

Day 3: Park Day, This Time With Water!

The thing about parks in Los Angeles, is that they can be pretty epic. They're all different in what they offer and Grant Park in downtown LA is gorgeous. If there were a park I would be willing to hang out in (one with no scooting, no climbing structures and no dog poop) it would be this one. Of course, the threesome had gluten for lunch again, which meant I had nachos. Again. Who's jealous now, kids?

Day 4: Zuma Beach

Now this was the day when I started to really seethe with jealousy. Yes, I did have nachos for lunch and dinner, why do you ask? You see, the beaches in Southern California are (mostly) fantastic. Zuma is really the diamond in the LA0-area beachfront, and I wanted to go to there. I'm sure it wasn't all dreamy for my husband, what with the hauling of the two kids, their accoutrements and keeping them from drowning as they raced towards the ocean all day. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself.

Day 5: Home

Yes, this was the kicker. Out of all of the Camp Daddy activities, the chilling out at home one was the one I was most jealous of, and with good reason. Books, couch, dog and naps. It really doesn't get any better than that. Which is why I totally knocked off early and joined camp for an afternoon.

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