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How Much Do You Tell Your Kid's Teacher?

My baby (who will always be my baby, even when he's married and/or in the Merchant Marine) is about to start Kindergarten. I am only freaking out a little bit. And I only eat a little bit of the bucket of cheese, caramel and butter flavored popcorn when I'm lucky enough to be in possession of it. Ahem. But the one thing I'm really worried about is talking to his teachers.

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At our children's school we have the opportunity to meet with our kid's teachers before the school year starts, which is great. We get to know them, they get to know us, and we can fill them in on our child's personality, skill levels and any other pertinent information. This seems simple, but not if you're me.

You see, I have this fear that anything I say will be used against my son. No, I don't think these Kindergarten teachers are looking for ammo to use on 5 year olds, but I also feel like anything I say will help paint a picture of my son that may or may not be flattering. And I don't want him walking into his classroom on the first day of school and being identified as "the nose picker."

I'm afraid of starting him off on the wrong foot just by opening my mouth.

This is what I want my son's teachers to know about him: He's hilarious, and loving, enthusiastic and smart (he can read some big kid books!). He gets way too excited when he sees his friends, and he is slightly obsessed with his older sister. Do I think he's a genius? Oh, yeah, I totally think he's a genius. (But that, I won't say because don't we all think our kids are geniuses? It's not just me, right?)

And like most kids, there's another side to my little guy. He's loud, he's stubborn, he always goes for the laugh even when it's incredibly inappropriate, he's got some fine motor skills issues, he does not listen a lot of the time and he just got kicked out of his swimming class.

So what do I say when I shake hands with his new teachers? I don't want to color their opinion of him, but I don't want them thinking I'm a delusional mom who sees nothing wrong with her perfect, special snowflake. I'm afraid of starting him off on the wrong foot just by opening my mouth.

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I'm realizing our own parents had it much easier, what with the having us find our own way to homeroom and not meeting the teachers until you're called into a conference. I think perhaps, we have too much say in our children's education. I want my son to be seen as someone separate from me. I don't want to define him, and I shouldn't be allowed to, quite frankly. So I guess I'll keep my mouth shut about his obsession with Garfield and his penchant for pinching people when he gets mad. They'll find out soon enough.

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