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My Top 5 Places to Hide From the Kids

My kids love to play hide and seek, but not as much as I like to hide. During those moments when I want to cry or scream, I instead take a moment to find a place to take cover while I regain my composure or simply catch a moment of silence.

This is best achieved when my husband is home to assist with supervision. Sometimes I’ll even send him a warning text: “Hiding, be back soon.”

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The thing is my kids can be like little bloodhounds. Before I know it they’re on my trail and I’ve been spotted. The last several months I’ve discovered some places work better than others in my home, and I’m laying my favorites out for you here today.

5. My Bed: Obvious? Yea, it is for my kids too. It's definitely the first place they look for me when I’m not standing in front of them, but sometimes I can hide under a sheet and throw them off for a couple minutes.

4. My Closet: It's the easiest place to REALLY hide when I want to. I can slide in behind my clothes and they’ll never look hard enough to see me. Usually I’ll find a soft spot in the corner and read a book or doze off for a few minutes.

3. The Playroom: It’s a big room with a basket of blankets within reach. If I’m lucky, when they find me they start playing with toys and let me catch a few Zzzs. This actually happens more often than you’d think. But it’s all fun and games until someone whacks me with a toy.

2. Their Bedrooms: They never suspect I’ll actually be in their bedroom. It’s actually probably the last place they’ll look for me. Sometimes I beeline for their beds and rest until they give up and go to their rooms as a last resort.

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1. My Bathroom. It has a lock and a fan — all I need to sit and block out the madness on the other side of the door. Besides, I don’t have to feel bad for momentarily ignoring my kids when I’m taking a bathroom break. When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. And even if I don’t, my husband can’t say no when I ask to abandon him with our kids while I use the restroom.

Admit it, you have an occasional hiding spot or two. Where is your favorite place to hide from your kids?

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