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5 Signs Your Nanny May Be Pregnant

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You've already done so much — you've found a suitable spouse, navigated procreation, balanced your career with your family life, and most importantly, you've found a nanny that you love.

And that wasn't easy. You endured all the interviews, figured out how to pay her taxes and survived the false starts. You can even think about that sweet woman who quit the morning before she was supposed to start or the high-energy dynamo who failed to produce her citizenship papers without breaking out into a cold sweat.

It's a long, harrowing road to finding the caretaker who will watch your children when you are busy "having it all." When you find The One, you may be so relieved to have her as part of your family that you miss signs that the relationship has changed. Important signs. You may be cruising along happily through your third anniversary with your nanny, and you, who are smart, insightful and perceptive, may miss the signs that your nanny is pregnant.

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But I'm here to help. There are signs, and underneath your denial, my little ostrich with her head in the sand, you can read them and prepare yourself for a big, big change that's coming whether you see it or not.

1. She's got funky cravings: If your nanny, who for three straight years has stridently proclaimed that she never eats breakfast, suddenly starts arriving with kiwi crepes or spinach-egg-and-peanut butter sandwiches, you should take note. If someone in your household is eating pickles faster than Costco can jar them, you need to wake up and smell the cliché: Someone is pregnant, and if it's not you, it might be your nanny.

If the universe sends you this clue, it's a softball. Straight to the head. Don't ignore it.

2. She takes your kids shopping at Motherhood Maternity: My own denial ran deep. Really deep. But I remember the day it shattered around me like a Lincoln log house attacked by a toddler. It went something like this: My daughter came home and told me that she ran a few errands with the nanny after school. I was thinking the post office, bank or drug store. Nope. "We went with her to get a new bra because her breasts were hurting. The place was called Motherhood." Ya'll, Motherhood is a maternity store. If the universe sends you this clue, it's a softball. Straight to the head. Don't ignore it.

3. She's throwing up after meals: One of the reasons I hired my nanny was because she was bright and loving. I also liked that I didn't detect a dysfunctional relationship with food. So, when my son told me that she "threw up a lot after eating," it strained credulity to assume she'd developed bulimia. If it smells like morning sickness and looks like morning sickness, then don't diagnose her with an eating disorder.

4. She asks if you have any old baby clothes you want to get rid of. You're going to be tempted to assume she's asking for her niece. Or her neighbor. Or for children back in her home country. She's not. She asking you for clothes for HER BABY — the one growing in her womb as we speak; the one that's the size of a grapefruit and will be here before you know it.

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5. She asks to leave early for an ultrasound. Yes, people have ultrasounds for lots of reasons. But if your nanny is leaving work a little early every month to get one, then you have something more than a torn meniscus on your hands. You have a pregnant nanny. And you better accept it and make arrangements before she goes into labor.

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