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Mom With Alzheimer's Remembers Her Daughter

Georgia resident Kelly Gunderson was just hanging out with her 87-year-old mom, chatting and doing what mothers and daughters normally do, except her mom has Alzheimer's and has no idea who Kelly is. So imagine her surprise and delight when upon asking "Do you know who I am?" her mother replies, "Kelly."

Stunned, Gunderson exclaims, "Yes, Mama! Yes, I am Kelly!"

"Well, I love Kelly. And didn't I name you Kelly?" responds her mom.

And if that isn't tear-inducing enough, the video goes on to capture a heartwarming exchange that ends with the two women declaring that they're "lovin'" on each other.

And the best part? She caught it all on video. Gunderson had been filming her visits with her mother for the past week but had yet to document a connection like the one she experienced that day.

“I never know what I’m going to get when I’m talking with her," she shares with TODAY, "I was just enjoying it. And then, when she said my name — and I have an identical twin sister — so, when she said ‘Kelly,’ it just caught me off guard.”

Us too, Kelly, us too. (Especially if the more than 1.6 million views have anything to say about it.)

Image via Kelly Gunderson/YouTube

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