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Dad Supports Bullied Daughter in Touching Ad

Back-to-school time always brings with it a flurry of amusing ads and viral videos – most of which center around the unique parental glee that comes when we send our kids back to school and gloriously reclaim our sanity. (Okay, or at least some measure of it.)

This year was certainly no exception. There was Target's adorable "morning routine" ad, which showed two sisters getting ready for their first day, only to repeatedly emerge from their rooms in the exact same outfit. And then the bevy of back-to-school mom raps of which this one and this one were our faves. (Of course, when it comes to back-to-school fodder, nothing will ever touch the epic Staples ad, which shows a dad happily dancing through the aisles to Christmas carols).

But this week, German home improvement company Hornbach has released a back-to-school ad with a twist. Instead of focusing on Mom and Dad's unparalleled giddiness, the commercial zeros in on the other side of back-to-school: the ones that bullied kids have to face every day. The sobering ad shows a goth teen who isn't exactly kicking up her heels to return to school. As her first day back drags on, we see her walking the halls in all-black, being laughed at by the other kids. While she scribbles dark, moody drawings in her notebook during lessons, a frog is tossed at her.

She is, in short, experiencing all the worst that high school has to offer.

But once she returns home, a smile spreads on her face for the first time that day – and it's all thanks to Dad. Just wait until you see why.

Aww. So sweet.

While painting your once-cheery yellow house all-black may be one step too far for most parents, you have to admit the sentiment here is pretty touching.

Image via YouTube

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