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5 Reasons 'Sesame Street' Is Still One of the Best Shows Ever

"Sesame Street" is currently broadcasting its 45th season. And there’s a reason it’s stayed on the air for so long — it’s smart, funny and up to date. I have so many great memories of the show from my childhood and it's so great to see my kids enjoying it too! Here’s why "Sesame Street" is still the bomb:

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1. The cameos

Lupita Nyong’o, Neil Patrick Harris and Amy Poehler are just a few great cameos. A visit from the first lady, Michelle Obama, marked the debut of season 45. "Sesame Street" gets better guest stars than SNL. And the spots for the guest stars? They’re clever. When Kim Cattrall visited, she taught us about the word “fabulous,” one of her "Sex and the City" character’s favorite words.

2. Timely and up-to-date sketches

"Mad Men," "The Voice," "Sons of Anarchy" — whatever’s popular and trending, you can be sure that "Sesame Street" is turning into a smart and hilarious parody. Just for kids? I don’t think so.

3. Oscar the Grouch

Oscar’s still around and he’s still got it.

4. It teaches without children knowing they’re being taught

That "Sesame Street," still sneaky after all these years. When it first debuted in the late '60s, the goal was to help children prepare for school. It’s still the same today. Kids think that they’re just having a great time —trying to find the letter of the day, singing songs about it, but they’re actually learning as they watch.

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5. Guilt-free television time!

Let’s face it, if putting "Sesame Street" on for a bit while we cook dinner, catch up on laundry, or tend to whatever’s on the to-do list helps keep kids engaged, that’s a good thing. And see No. 4; it’s totally guilt-free because as your child watches with delight, he or she will actually learn about letters, numbers and feelings. What’s better than that?

Here’s to many more sunny days to come!

Images via Sesame Street

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