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How Do I Check to See If Child Safety Seats Have Been Recalled?

Step 1

Locate the manufacturer or brand name of your car seat. This will be prominent in at least one location on the car seat. If the seat is older than 10 years old, or you cannot locate the manufacturer, it may not be safe to use regardless of recall status.

Step 2

Find the model name of your child safety seat. Some model names may be easy to find, while others may not be able to be found at all. Contact the manufacturer to get help with identifying the car seat if you cannot find the model name. You can also compare pictures of the car seat on the Internet to find the correct model name.

Step 3

Check the date the seat was made, which is often stamped on the back or bottom of the seat. Create a list with the manufacturer, date of manufacture and model name.

Step 4

Check the website of the manufacturer, or the place you purchased the seat from, for any recent recalls for your model. If there is a recall, you should be able to get information about what steps you need to take to either return or repair the seat.

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