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Fun Arts and Crafts for Little Kids

Age Group: 4 to 5-years-old

You can use arts and crafts to help teach and reinforce ideas learned in the classroom, or simply pass the time on a lazy Sunday afternoon. They also help younger children enhance their fine motor skills and give you the chance to bond with your child. Here are a few of our favorite projects:

Straw Painting

This fun activity helps children discover the artist within themselves. To complete this activity, you'll need paper, paint, a paintbrush and straws. Any kind of straws will do, but you'll probably want plastic ones. Have your child take a paintbrush and dab some paint on his paper. The child will then place the straw above the paint glob and blow, making the paint splatter all over the page in every direction. Children can experiment by blowing in different directions. Make sure to monitor children closely so that they do not accidentally place the straw in the paint and suck in.

Recycled Bathtub Fish

Turn your old containers into preschool art. Take an empty milk or juice carton (one with a handle on the side) and turn the handle to the top. With a permanent marker, draw fish by drawing in eyes (closer to the handle), gills or fins and a mouth (on the opposite side of the handle). Let your child decorate it with water-safe paint. After letting the fish dry, cut along the mouth hole for an open mouth fish. Let your child paint the inside of the fish with water-safe paints. When it is fully dry, you can leave it on display or let your child play with it in the bath.

Placemat Craft

Your child can make her very own place mat using construction paper, a glue stick and clear contact paper. Let your child pick her favorite color construction paper and make a collage on it. She can cut out pictures from a magazine or family photos. When your child is finished, cover it with clear contact paper. Place it underneath your child's plate at meal time or give it to someone special as a gift.

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