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How to Mentally Prepare Your Child for Potty Training

Step 1

Teach by example. Children enjoy modeling play and engaging in what they see their parents or caretakers do. Potty training is no different. Set the stage by modeling the entire process for your child. From the feeling of needing to use the bathroom to removing clothes to sitting on the toilet, the use of toilet paper, flushing and washing hands, children will be interested in the whole process.

Step 2

Explain your actions. Parents need to help the child understand the importance of potty training. Talk about the body's need to eliminate waste. If you have pets, discuss how, where and when they go to the bathroom.

Step 3

Play. Use the toddler potty chair. Allow your little one to sit on it fully clothed. Use action figures or dolls to pretend with the child. If the doll has an "accident," reassure the doll and the child by helping clean up the mess.

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