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How to Create Good Educational Experiences for Your Child Without Computers

Step 1

Cook with your child, and talk about the different ingredients that you're using in certain dishes. If you're making chicken salad, discuss how the eggs he eats come from chickens. Or if you're fixing vegetable beef soup, talk about the importance of vegetables in keeping your heart healthy.

Step 2

Teach your child to play an instrument if you have some musical ability. For example, if you play the piano and you still have some piano lesson books in the house, take the books out and start with the basics. Then, as the child gets better, move on to more advanced lessons.

Step 3

Write stories with your child. If you want your child to know more about her family, write down key moments in the family's history in a way the child can understand, depending on her age. You can discuss how your father served in the military, or how some of your brothers were on the football team in high school. You can even work with your child to chronicle the family's history. Your child can interview grandparents, aunts and uncles and and then, with your help, write a booklet.

Step 4

Attend free community events. If the library is hosting a storytelling contest, and your child likes talking in public, enroll him in the contest. Research the topic with your child before the contest. Then encourage your child to think of funny and original ways he can tell the story.

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