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Sometimes Daddy Is Just Better

At my 20-week ultrasound the technician informed us we were having a girl. I shed a tear of joy and my husband gave a silent cheer while grinning from ear to ear. There was no disappointment in the result, and he’s been training to have a daddy’s girl ever since. I’m starting to discover the special power he holds.

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My daughter is literally the little girl of my dreams (I actually had a picture of a girl who looks almost identical to her on my dream board). We have a lot of fun mommy/daughter time doing our nails, going shopping and reading stories. Another thing she loves to do is come to work with me.

Recently I brought my daughter to my news station and she was eager to chat it up with my coworkers. They asked what movies she enjoys, what she likes to do for fun, and which parent she finds sillier.

She glanced in my direction then said, “Daddy is!” with a giggle. I was a little surprised by her response.

It’s hard to stay envious when I see the joy he can bring out in our kids.

Mommy is there for a good time, giving baths, brushing teeth, wiping butts and tears, but I’m not typically the one she goes to for a laugh.

There’s something about daddy. Our daughter can be in the middle of an epic meltdown and daddy can swoop in and take her from bawling to hysterically laughing in .5 seconds. It’s gross but I love the way he can persuade her into thinking disgusting things are funny. There are an endless amount of funny phrases she picks up from him, and no one else can make a trip to the gas seem like a visit to Disneyland.

Daddy is a special man. At times I get jealous of their special bond, but it’s hard to stay envious when I see the joy he can bring out in our kids.

My husband recently bought some new workout equipment and got our daughter involved in the exercise sessions. She proudly storms in the house and shows me how she learned to do squats and lunges, then drags me back into the garage to show me how daddy helps her do pull-ups.

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Her favorite thing to do with him right now is go sledding. But it’s not what you think. See, we live in Texas and snow isn’t something we come by often. But daddy and daughter do a different kind of sledding up and down the street. Here’s a video so you can see what I mean:

This video captures a special side of their relationship, a side that I can’t begin to replicate. I may not win the silly parent award, but I know when it’s best to bow-out of the competition when there’s no change of winning.

Who do your kids find to be the silly one?

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