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How to Fall in Love With Your Kids All Over Again

I love my kids, but there are days when I don’t like them so much. Those are the days that usually involve a combination of meltdowns, bad attitudes, missed naps and picky eaters. That assortment combined with not enough sleep on my end is the perfect storm for one grouchy mommy.

But there are things that make those bad days wash away instantly—for instance, when I catch my kids laughing and playing alone together. I’ve discovered some things that I can do that bring me even closer to my kids, or save me on a crazy day.

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1. Put down my phone and just play

It’s so simple but it’s harder than it sounds. Working from home means my office is portable, and phone calls and emails can come in at any time. Facebook, Instagram and other social media, however, is optional, and I don’t need to be connected to those as often as I am. I’ve noticed when I take the time to be in and enjoy the moment, I discover more about my children and grow closer to them.

2. Have time away from them

Sometimes a morning away, a day at the office or a couple hours to reset is just what I need.

What? I know, this seems like a strange one, but you’ve heard the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” It’s so true. When I’m feeling over-touched, over-demanded and over-stretched, sometimes a morning away, a day at the office or a couple hours to reset is just what I need to fall in love with my munchkins all over again.

3. Teach them something new

I feel such a strong sense of mommy pride when I see my son or daughter learn something new. It’s especially exciting when it’s something I’ve taught them. When my son points to my face and declares, “nose” my heart swells. And even though his first sentence was “No, mama!” I was overjoyed with his discovery.

4. Get enough rest

Sleep-deprived mommy is the worst version of myself. If I’m up late working and I don’t get in enough sleep, I’m one cranky mama the next day. It’s important to take care of ourselves, especially because moms are usually already wearing thing. A well-rested mommy is a very happy mommy. And my kids seem much sweeter after I get a full nights rest.

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5. Put them to bed

It never fails, at the end of the night after a long exhausting day of wrangling my children, I gaze upon their sweet sleeping faces and think ‘Gosh, you’re amazing.’

What brings you to fall even more in love with your kids?

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